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Health Insurance for Osteopenia

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The incidence of Osteopenia is 36.79% in India and is common in woman than man. After the 65 years of age, there is an almost 100% incidence of osteopenia indicating that increases with age and in postmenopausal period.
Osteopenia is characterized by lower bone density than the normal peak density. The reduction in the bone mass and disruption of the bone architecture leads to impaired skeletal strength and increased chances of fractures. Bones grow thinner with age as the existing bone cells are absorbed faster than the new cells are produced. Bone loses minerals and become brittle. Osteopenia in worse condition is called as osteoporosis. Exposure to radiation and chemotherapy are some reasons that cause osteopenia.
Osteopenia does not have any symptoms. There is no pain or change in the bone it just becomes thinner. The risk of bone breaking increases as the bone loses its density.
For its treatment, important steps must be taken by changing lifestyle and proper intake of vitamins and minerals. If needed suitable medication must be taken to reduce further complications. It is also advisable that you read through lifeline Royal Sundaram’s health insurance plans that are equipped with features like domiciliary hospitalization, lifetime renewal, pre/post hospitalization charges, Ayush treatment, no room rent capping, etc. Royal Sundaram health insurance for osteopenia will provide you with the peace of mind while you are receiving treatment for this medical condition.
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