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Health Insurance for Phobias

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One out of every eight people in India suffers from some sort of phobia. The word “phobia” has its origins in ancient Greek, indicating a fear of something. Everyone fears something, but a person suffering a phobia has unreasonable thoughts and overwhelming fear of a situation or object, which in reality poses no danger. These individuals experience extreme anxiety and prefer avoidance as a method of coping with the fear stimulus. Phobias are long lasting and lead to intense psychological and physical reactions that can affect the individual’s ability to work and lead a normal life.
Not all phobias require treatment and those that do often involve a combination of pharmacological and behavioral therapies. Phobias can be classified into three categories: specific, social, and fear of open spaces. It involves a fear of an anticipated or actual situation such as standing in line, crowds, being alone at home or using public transportation.
Regardless of the type of phobia, you may have, it may produce the following symptoms:

Uncontrollable panic, dread, terror when exposed to the fear source

Attempt to do anything possible to avoid that fear source

Unable to function normally due to anxiety

Physical reactions include rapid heart rate, sweating, difficulty breathing 

Children display crying, clinging and tantrums

If you experience any of these symptoms, you must seek medical assistance immediately. Check out the lifeline Royal Sundaram’s health insurance plans for features such as pre/post hospitalization charges, easy renewal, etc. To seek coverage for phobias is simple with Royal Sundaram health insurance for phobias. 

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