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Health Insurance for Prolactinoma

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Prolactinoma is a medical condition where non-cancerous tumors occur in the pituitary gland and cause your brain to overproduce the prolactin hormone. It leads to decreased levels of certain sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen.
Prolactinoma is not life threatening, but can impair vision and cause infertility. It is the most common form of hormone-producing tumors that can occur in the pituitary gland.
In prolactinoma, there are no visible symptoms or signs. Symptoms and signs that develop are caused from excessive prolactin levels in the body or because of the pressure caused by large tumors on surrounding tissues. Since elevated prolactin levels may disrupt reproductive systems, some symptoms/signs include:
In females:

No menstrual periods (amenorrhea) or irregular menstrual periods (oligomenorrhea)

Milky discharge from breasts when not breastfeeding or pregnant

Painful intercourse resulting from vaginal dryness

Excessive facial hair or body hair and acne

In males:

Decreased facial or body hair

Erectile dysfunction

Enlarged breasts

Some of the common symptoms are:

Low bone density

Reduction of other hormones


Lack of interest in sex

Visual disturbances


If you experience any of these signs or symptoms, seek immediate medical assistance. Have a look at the recommendation in Royal Sundaram’s health insurance plans that contain features like the pre/post hospitalization charges,  ambulance cover, organ donor expenses, etc. To get coverage for medical conditions like prolactinoma is very easy with Royal Sundaram health insurance for prolactinoma. 

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