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Health Insurance for Sinusitis

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A recent study shows that 134 million Indians suffer from chronic sinusitis. It will not be wrong to say that one in eight Indians suffers from chronic sinusitis that is caused by the inflammation of the throat and nasal lining.
Sinus infection is caused by infections from a pathogenic microorganism that grows within a sinus and result in the intermittent blockage of the sinus ostium.
There are two types of sinusitis: chronic and acute. Both types of sinusitis are similar, except that in chronic sinusitis the symptoms last longer and can cause severe fatigue and fever is not present as it is with acute sinusitis.
Some of the symptoms to watch out for include:

A greenish, yellow and thick discharge drains down the nose or the back of the throat

Nasal congestion or obstruction, causing breathing difficulties through the nose

Tenderness, swelling and pain around the cheeks, eyes, forehead, and nose

Reduced sense of taste and smell

Ear pain

Sore throat


Irritability or fatigue

Bad breath

If you experience any of these signs or symptoms, seek medical assistance immediately. It is suggested that you check Royal Sundaram’s health insurance plans that are equipped with features such as post and pre-hospitalization charges and easy renewal. Insurance coverage can be a lifeline. To seek adequate coverage of medical expenses for sinusitis is easy with Royal Sundaram health insurance for sinusitis. 


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