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Health Insurance for Stroke resulting in Permanent Symptoms

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When the blood supply to a part of the brain is cut off the person is said to have had a stroke. A serious, life-threatening medical condition, a stroke requires immediate medical intervention.  Oxygen and nutrients are needed by the brain to function properly. Blood flow provides the brain with these, and if their flow is restricted or stopped, the brain cells immediately start to die. Therefore swift treatment for a stroke is important because it lessens the likelihood of damage. Strokes can lead to disability, brain injury, and in some cases even death. Three out of every four people affected by a stroke can be expected to have permanent symptoms such as disability and reduced capacity owing to the stroke.


The two main causes of strokes are:


• Ischaemic; this type of stroke means a blood clot has obstructed blood supply to the brain (this accounts for nearly 85% of all cases)


• Hemorrhagic; this type of stroke occurs when a weakened blood vessel supplying blood to the brain bursts


Symptoms of a stroke:


• The face drops to one side. The person cannot smile. The eye or mouth may appear drooping to one side


• One may feel numbness or weakness and be unable to lift and hold arms upright


• Slurred or garbled speech. Inability to speak at all


At the onset of any such symptoms, medical attention should be sought immediately. Royal Sundaram's health insurance plans are available at affordable prices and with options such as pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, lifetime renewal, and several other options. Covering medical costs for a condition such as stroke resulting in permanent symptoms can be accomplished with Royal Sundaram health insurance for stroke resulting in permanent symptoms.

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