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Health Insurance for Tonsillitis

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Tonsillitis is a condition where the tonsils become inflamed. The tonsils are located in the back of the throat. They are a pair of two, oval-shaped tissue pads. Their primary role is to trap germs and fight infections. Sometimes they become overwhelmed and become inflamed. Most instances of tonsillitis are caused by either bacterial or viral infections. The influenza virus and the herpes simplex virus can also cause tonsillitis.
The condition frequently affects children from preschool to the mid-teen years.
Treatment for tonsillitis will depend on what caused the infection.
Some of the common symptoms to watch out for are:

Sore throat

Bad breath


Tender and enlarged glands

Muffled, throaty voice

Stomach aches

Swollen or red tonsils

Yellow or white coating on tonsils

Pain while swallowing


Stiff neck


Young children may experience the following:

Unusual fussiness

Drooling due to difficulty while eating

Refusing to eat

If you experience any symptoms associated with tonsillitis, visit your general practitioner immediately. It is also advisable for you to explore the lifeline Royal Sundaram’s health insurance plans that cover features like pre and post hospitalization and easy renewal. To cover medical expenses for conditions like tonsillitis is quite easy and simple with Royal Sundaram health insurance for tonsillitis. 

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