Lifeline - Plan and Premium

Lifeline - Plan and Premium

Good health is extremely precious, and it is your duty to take measures to protect your health from all ailments, accidents, and critical medical conditions. However, health issues come unannounced, but if certain judicious measures are undertaken, the financial impact due to such health issues can be mitigated. We at Royal Sundaram have launched the Lifeline plan that offers significant health cover along with several healthcare benefits.

This multi-featured health policy comes with the privilege of choosing from varied sum insured options of Rs.2 Lacs to Rs.150 Lacs, respectively. This kind of variation is provided keeping in mind the varying healthcare needs of you and your family..

Who are covered?


A maximum of six members including you can be covered under a single Lifeline plan. You can choose any of the following combination that best suits your family structure:

  • 1 Adult + 1 Child
  • 1 Adult + 2 Children
  • 1 Adult + 3 Children
  • 2 Adults
  • 2 Adults + 1 Child
  • 2 Adults + 2 Children
  • 2 Adults + 3 Children
  • 2 Adults + 4 Children

The option to take separate floater plans is available to extend protection to parents or any other dependents you may want to cover.

Age Criteria:


  • Any individual who is more than 18 years of age can apply for this policy.
  • Dependent children more than 91 days old and less than 25 years of age can be added under the policy cover.
  • There is no maximum entry-age for purchasing the policy.


Policy Tenure:


Policy Tenure of 1 years, 2 years and 3 years available. Avail 7.5% or 12% discount on premium by opting for 2 years or 3 years tenure respectively.

Premium Payable:


Both individual and family floater plans are available under this plan. Therefore, the amount of premium charged varies.

Individual Plan - The amount of premium paid will vary according to the amount of sum insured, location and age of the applicant.

Family Floater Plan - The amount of premium payable varies directly with the sum insured amount, age of the applicant, location and the combination of family cover selected.

Zonal Pricing:


Your policy premium will vary depending on your place of residence that comes under ‘Zonal Pricing’. We have categorized insurance buyers into two zones:

Zone 1 - Delhi/NCR, Mumbai (including Thane and Vashi), Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Gujarat.– 0% discount on the plan premium.

Zone 2 - Rest of India.–15% discount on the plan premium.