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Why get an Accident Insurance along with your Health Insurance Plan
07 August, 2017

In order to ensure total health care protection for you and your family, it is essential to avail for a personal accident policy along with your health insurance plan. A comprehensive health insurance plan will provide financial cover for you and your family in case of hospitalization, and protect y...

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Five Reasons to Get Health Insurance in Your 20s
03 August, 2017

Health is a gift; let's preserve it with a health insurance policy that will ensure that we always get the best health services in time, when the need arises. There's nothing worse than inadequate funds during a medical emergency.....

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Health Insurance Checklist: Know What Your Policy Must Cover
20 July, 2017

With the rising concern for health issues, it is inevitable that you have some form of protection for your health, a personal health plan or an employer offered one. If not, you will end up shelling a lot of money when a medical emergency strikes...

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5 Tips to choose the best Mediclaim Policy Online
07 July, 2017

With our sedentary lifestyles, poor eating habits, erratic sleeping cycles and degrading environmental conditions the rate of illnesses are increasing.

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Why it is Important to Check the Sub Limits in your Health Insurance Plan?
25 April, 2017

In order to ensure that your health insurance plan serves you right, it is important to be familiar with all of its features; so that you know how to utilize it aptly in the time of need. ...

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Health Insurance Tips: Answering FAQs
29 March, 2017

We present you a helpful guide answering queries that people usually face while selecting a health insurance policy ...

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How to save taxes with Health Insurance policy?
07 March, 2017

Most financial experts suggest that having an adequate health cover is an important step in building any financial portfolio. Wondering how?

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How To Decide How Much Health Insurance You Need?
07 March, 2017

With deteriorating health conditions and ever escalating medical bills, most individuals have realised the importance of availing a health insurance policy. It is probably the single most effective way to save yourself from falling into a debt like situation during a medical emergency. But, do you k...

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Five Mistakes to Avoid while Purchasing Health Insurance Policy
11 November, 2016

Of the many uncertain things in life, health seems to be among the forerunners. Truly, one cannot predict the occurrence of accidents, medical conditions, or illnesses. For the treatment of any, prompt medical care at hospitals or clinic is required to restore a person back to normal.

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Tips you should consider before buying a Health Insurance policy
10 November, 2016

A health insurance policy is a basic need to meet unplanned medical emergencies. But choosing the right health cover never comes easy. There are many people who get puzzled by the various options available while buying a health insurance policy.

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Few Reasons to Opt for Smart Cash Plan Insurance
08 September, 2016

When hospital cash cover is included under regular health cover, policyholders receive a certain amount for every 24 hours of hospitalization. However, you need to bear in mind that this benefit is available only if the cause of hospitalization is covered under the policy.

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The Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Online
18 August, 2016

As the number of people opting for the convenience of online purchases keeps increasing, insurance companies have begun to offer exclusive offers to such customers. Purchasing health care policies online doesn’t just offer convenience, but it also works in giving maximum information at the time of p...

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Important Concepts in Health Insurance
18 August, 2016

Medical costs are constantly rising due to the growing demand that results from our burgeoning population and the increase in lifestyle diseases. This makes it crucial for people to avail health cover from an early age.

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Why Healthcare Inflation Makes Health Insurance Important
16 August, 2016

Have you ever considered the costs of treating critical illnesses that require organ transplants, chemotherapy, or bypass surgery? Today, the costs of hospitalization can be quite high, even when dealing with a minor illness. When choosing a policy you need to consider the costs in the worst case sc...

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3 Reasons to Opt for Maternity Insurance
16 August, 2016

Maternity insurance is often available after a 3-4 year waiting period. For this reason, it is important to purchase insurance as early as is possible. Do not wait until you are pregnant or have decided to start a family to buy insurance, as you will most probably lose out on all the benefits of mat...

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The Importance of Critical Illness Coverage
03 March, 2016

As public awareness about health care, health risks, and medical expenses increases, so too does the demand for health insurance coverage. This is especially true among young adults, which is why rising numbers of young adults are purchasing insurance plans to safeguard their finances in case of hos...

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Health Insurance in the Context of Organ Transplants
26 February, 2016

Organ transplantation is very often a medical necessity and is a life-saving treatment in such cases. In most cases, the need for a transplant is something that is unforeseeable until an illness surfaces, causing damage to the organs. With our huge population and the rise of lifestyle diseases there...

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Does Your Policy Entitle You to Free Health Checkups?
25 February, 2016

To encourage people to buy health cover, many insurance companies offer free checkups for policyholders. Although most buyers are aware of this, only 25% of them avail this facility. One reason is because they are fearful of an increase in premiums in case the checkup results reveal any risks.

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Does Your Policy Cover Vaccinations?
18 February, 2016

Vaccination has changed the modern world and has revolutionized modern medicine. While eradicating dangerous diseases like smallpox, vaccines have also helped to lower mortality rates when dealing with otherwise common infections. Vaccines don’t just help in the prevention of diseases like polio or ...

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Claim Ratio Considerations When Buying a Health Insurance Policy
28 January, 2016

Healthcare costs are increasing at an alarming rate. According to available data, hospitalization for treating a critical illness can cost INR 5 lakhs and more. If you are not covered under an insurance plan, meeting these expenses can be difficult and can result in financial disasters.

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Why Young Adults Need Health Insurance?
12 January, 2016

Most young adults, under the age of 30, tend to treat insurance as a needless expense because they are at the peak of good health. Unfortunately, fast-paced modern living brings with it plenty of stress, unhealthy diets, and a sedentary lifestyle, which increases the incidence of lifestyle diseases ...

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Alternative Medicine: Find Out what's Covered in Your Health Insurance Plan
09 December, 2015

IRDAI issued a regulation in 2012 – 13, advising insurance companies to cover treatment expenses arising from alternative and non-allopathic treatments. Till date, most insurers do not provide such coverage because of the complexities associated with alternative care.

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All About Health Insurance
20 November, 2015

These insurance policies offer protection against unanticipated medical expenses and help maintain financial stability of the policyholder. Increasing medical costs and rising instances of critical illnesses makes it crucial for people to avail health cover.

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5 Reasons to Get Post-Hospitalization Coverage
22 December, 2015

Most people only consider hospitalization expenses while availing health cover. However, it is important to consider the costs of recuperative care, such as follow-up physician charges, the need for therapies like physiotherapy, travel provisions, and other related costs as well. Such post-operative...

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5 Reasons to Get Health Insurance Now Rather than Later
04 November, 2015

Young adults often avoid securing health coverage, because they are at the peak of their health and the possibility of illness and hospitalization seems remote. As a result, most of them avoid buying health insurance as the view premium payments as an unnecessary expense. This is in many ways an ill...

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What is Hospital Cash Insurance?
01 October, 2015

We all aim to be in the best state of health. No one amongst us plans to fall sick or get hurt. However, at some point of time, everyone needs medical care and attention due to unforeseen circumstances such as illnesses, medical conditions, or injuries caused due to accidents.

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Five Common Mistake to Avoid While Buying Health Insurance
01 October, 2015

As healthcare costs continue to rise at an alarming rate, every person needs a financial safeguard to protect himself from the unexpected medical expenses. A health insurance plan provides the necessary financial cushioning to save you from the burden of medical expenses incurred due to unforeseen c...

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Key Covers your Health Insurance Plan Should Offer
14 August, 2015

When it comes to choosing a health insurance policy, you often have to seek different options before you narrow down on a single one. The popular phrase `One Size Fits All` is not at all applicable to health insurance, since each person has different individual and family healthcare needs.

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Practical Tips to Choose Health Insurance Plan
20 July, 2015

Life is full of ups and downs, and certain events in life may put a toll on your health and well-being. To minimize the financial impact of such events, it is recommended to purchase a health insurance plan. A health insurance plan provides financial cushioning to meet expenses incurred due to emerg...

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Tips to Get Affordable Health Insurance
22 June, 2015

In today`s fast-paced age, staying in good health is woefully difficult. Good health, as we all know, begets personal as well as professional success. That`s why an increasing number of individuals are found switching to nutritious diets and regular exercise.

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Benefits of Choosing a Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan
18 March, 2015

The modern, ever-changing lifestyle has certainly taken a heavy toll on our health and wellness. Lifestyle changes have given birth to increasing complication of health issues, thereby escalating the costs of medical treatments and hospitalization. To avail financial security against such unexpected...

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Tips to Pick the Best Health Insurance Plan
28 January, 2015

One thing to keep in mind is that the medical expenses are rising alarmingly. In today`s world health insurance is an indispensable tool.

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4 Myths About Buying Health Insurance
16 December, 2014

The importance of the terse aphorism Health is Wealth cannot be overstated. Health is an important part of everyone' s life. Without it, you can never prosper in life.

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Myths related to Medical insurance
19 April, 2013

Health insurance happens to be one of the most widely availed general insurance plans in the market.

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All about maternity cover in health insurance
20 March, 2013

Welcoming a new member of a family is the most happy moment in any one's life, and if it is a new born the happiness is manifold.

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Things to keep in mind when insuring parents
19 February, 2013

Availing a health insurance plan for your parents requires you to do a lot of research. As they grow older there are many health disorders that can challenge a healthy living.

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How to select the right Family Health Plan
20 February, 2013

The best way to insure the health of your loved ones is to opt for a family health insurance plan. This is much affordable than getting a separate plan for every member of the family.

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