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5 Reasons to Get Post-Hospitalization Coverage

22 December, 2015

Most people only consider hospitalization expenses while availing health cover. However, it is important to consider the costs of recuperative care, such as follow-up physician charges, the need for therapies like physiotherapy, travel provisions, and other related costs as well. Such post-operative care can often work out to be just as expensive as hospitalization.

While you have to undergo several tests and procedures for diagnosis prior to hospitalization, there is a similar need for tests and checkups after hospitalization to monitor progress and to ensure complete recovery. All of these expenses should also be covered under you're an affordable health insurance plan.
It is important that you understand the full scope and limitations of post-hospitalization cover under your health policy. Post-hospitalization coverage is essential for several reasons. These include:

1. Financial stability:

Expenses incurred after being discharged from the hospital can be huge. A policyholder who does not opt for this coverage under the health insurance policy will have to bear these costs independently, putting a severe strain on financial resources.

2. Quicker recovery:

With post-operative coverage recuperative therapy and treatment can commence instantly upon discharge. This makes a huge difference to the outcome of hospitalization and recovery period. Delayed post-operative care because of the absence of coverage can adversely impact recovery duration.

3. Lifelong renewal:

Most health insurance companies have a minimum and maximum entry age; however, policies can be renewed during the lifetime of the holder.

4. Affordable:

Contrary to belief, this coverage does not significantly increase your premium amount. Certain policies may have this as an inclusion within the basic plan and you are advised to seek verification from your insurer.

5. Peace of mind:

This may seem trivial or unnecessary, but is critical to a speedy recovery. Studies clearly show that stress can cause serious complications and delay recovery. With post-operative coverage you can enjoy complete peace of mind as you don't need to worry about the costs of recuperative care.

Lifeline health insurance policy from Royal Sundaram has many benefits, including coverage for post-hospitalization. It also includes other features, such as cashless hospitalization in a wide network of hospitals, coverage for certain vaccines, no claims bonus, and lots more.