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A Quick Guide On Family Floater Plan

27 August, 2018

As the old adage goes, “Health is Wealth”, thus, every aspect of our life depends on our good health. Health is the anchor to our physical, mental, and spiritual growth – a true embodiment of our personality. Thus, it’s our duty to take care of it in the best possible manner.



A Family floater plan is a single plan that covers your entire family.  In other words, this is a type of plan that brings all your family members under an umbrella cover. This plan is preferable in case of younger families where the chances of hospitalization is less and premium is well within the budget. Besides, here’s a quick guide that will help you to know more about a family floater plan –


How does a family floater plan work?


In a family floater plan, the whole family is covered under one plan. Like for example, both parents and their children together can be covered under a plan. It’s not just limited to one person like that of an individual health plan. Such plan can even be bought by dependent children, divorced, widowed daughter, and dependent parents.


Few Key benefits of a family floater plan –


Here’re the following key benefits of a family floater plan:


  • It offers income tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act
  • It is quite simple to get your family members, new-born babies or spouse added in a family floater plan
  • In case of younger families, there are very thin chances of making more than one claim. Thus, the member making a claim can avail the benefit of greater sum insured at a lesser cost.


How much does a family floater plan costs?


Premium of a family floater plan differs from company to company. Thus, before taking any decision, it is advisable to check and compare the premium of several policies offered by the insurance companies. As this will give you an idea of what premium you can expect of a family floater plan. Although, more than the premiums, you need to focus on the coverage and features of the policy.


Besides, you can get a completed family floater plan from Royal Sundaram and secure your entire family with a single health insurance cover.


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