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Maternity Coverage: All about Pregnancy Health Insurance in India

25 September, 2018

Pregnancy brings a lot of emotions in a woman’s life: the wonder of creating a new life, the joy of a cute baby, the uncertainty of the future, and fear of increasing finances. With all the happiness that pregnancy and motherhood brings, there is always a shadow of medical bills lurking in the background. Pregnant women require constant care and medical attention – right from vitamins to monthly tests to delivery, hospital bills just keep piling up. If not for the hospitalization and delivery itself, it’s the post-delivery care that is also equally expensive. This can be a huge burden to bear for expecting parents. A viable solution to tackle this burden is to avail a maternity benefit.


What is maternity health insurance coverage?


A maternity insurance is a plan designed to cover for the maternity and health care cost to expecting mothers and their new-borns. Usually, a maternity benefit is provided as an add-on or additional rider with your existing health insurance policy. A maternity benefit is also often provided by corporates for their female employees along with their Group Health insurance policies. However, as with all riders, the coverage provided under maternity benefit has a sub-limit that may not be enough to pay for the entire cost of pregnancy. In this case, a complete pregnancy health insurance package is an ideal option.


What to look for in a pregnancy health insurance policy?


Listed below are some of the important things you need to look for in a pregnancy health insurance policy –

  • Coverage: Ensure that your policy provides adequate cover for all pregnancy costs including hospitalization, medications, tests, check-ups and any unforeseen events.
  • Waiting period: Most policies have a waiting period of 2-5 years – this means, you have to wait for a certain amount of time from the commencement of the policy to avail the maternity benefit. It is advisable to purchase a policy with a maternity benefit in advance so you can enjoy the benefits of it at the required time.
  • Clauses: Please read all the literature attached with the policy thoroughly. Compare and analyse all the features, benefits, clauses, terms and conditions before purchasing any plan.


What’s covered under a maternity health insurance plan?


Here’s the list of things covered under maternity health insurance plan –

  • Maternity insurance covers delivery expenses, which includes the expenditure related to both normal and caesarean delivery.
  • It covers pre and post-natal expenses
  • It includes coverage for the new born baby up to the expiry of the policy. Vaccinations can be very expensive; thus it covers the vaccination cost incurred for the child during his/her first year.
  • It covers expenses 30 days prior to hospitalization and 60 days’ post hospitalization. When there’s a maternity cover in your health insurance policy, then you don’t have to worry about the cost when choosing the hospital or nursing home for delivery. This thing makes a lot of difference especially in case of unforeseen situations when you want the best possible doctors to attend you and your new born baby.


What’s not covered under a maternity health insurance plan?


Below mentioned are the expenses excluded from a maternity health insurance plan –

  • Doctor’s visit for regular health check-ups is not covered
  • Diagnostic tests, doctor’s consultation, and follow ups during nine months of pregnancy are not covered
  • Expenses on vitamins or tonics are not covered unless it’s the part of treatment


Why do you need a maternity coverage?


As a responsible parent, it’s your prime duty to suitably prepare yourself for the cost related to your pregnancy and your baby’s delivery. Medical costs are increasing day by day. Thus, one needs to be prepared well in advance to deal with expected and unexpected expenses. Therefore, you must consider a maternity coverage in your health insurance plan. Here’re the two most important things covered by your maternity cover –


  • It safeguards you against the increasing healthcare costs: With the increasing healthcare inflation, the cost of healthcare will just get double in the next five years.
  • It covers your maternity expenses: Mostly health insurance companies do not cover your maternity expenses and are of no use at the time of baby’s delivery. Thus, it’s better to ensure that your health insurance policy comes with a maternity cover.


How do you claim the maternity cover?


You must inform the insurance company about your pregnancy if your health insurance policy has maternity cover. And once you get hospitalized for the delivery of your baby, you should raise the claim with your insurance company. Remember, the sooner, the better. Thus, you should make a claim as early as possible.

When to apply for maternity coverage?


Ideally, one should seek maternity coverage before they conceive. Sometimes insurance companies deny the cover if the lady is already pregnant, because as per many companies, this condition is considered as pre-existing. In addition to this, maternity coverage has a waiting period of 3-4 years before the actual benefits come in to play. Thus, it’s good to seek a maternity insurance as early as possible as it will help in better planning.


Buy it online –

You need to plan well and insure yourself adequately in order to make this experience a most memorable one. Thus, the couple buying this policy should fully understand the scope, pricing, and exclusions of these policies in order to get the best deal. Besides, there are several maternity insurance plans available in the market that provide health insurance for pregnant women and offers great maternity benefits. So, if you are looking for a suitable maternity coverage to cover pregnancy-related expenses and child birth, then Royal Sundaram would be an apt choice for you. They offer an effective health insurance policy online which covers health insurance for pregnant women.

Motherhood is a great joy that only the lucky ones are able to experience. Ensure you keep yourself and your little one safe and secure financially, emotionally and physically. Buy yourself a pregnancy health insurance policy.


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