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Benefits of Choosing a Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan

18 March, 2015

The modern, ever-changing lifestyle has certainly taken a heavy toll on our health and wellness. Lifestyle changes have given birth to increasing complication of health issues, thereby escalating the costs of medical treatments and hospitalization. To avail financial security against such unexpected costs, affortable health insurance plans are available.

Health insurance plans offer financial cushioning for covering the hospitalization expenses incurred to treat medical conditions, injuries, diseases, or any other critical health conditions. However, there are several conditions that require professional medical care but are not covered under standard health insurance policy. Comprehensive health insurance plans are made available in the market for covering healthcare expenses that your regular health plan will not cover.

There are numerous plans in the market such as Royal Sundaram Lifeline Insurance plan that offer comprehensive coverage along with a host of benefits. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

In-patient hospitalization benefit:

Under this cover, the hospitalization expenses of the insured person will be reimbursed. These will include room rent, doctor’s fees, nursing charges, and cost of any medical procedures and medications. 


Pre- and Post-hospitalization expenses:

Expenses incurred for medical tests and health check-ups carried before getting hospitalized will be covered. Similarly, cost of follow-up procedures and medications expenses are also reimbursed under this plan.


Day-care procedures cover:

Certain medical treatments or surgeries require less than 24 hours of hospitalization. Specialized units are set in hospitals for this purpose. Such day-care treatments and procedures are covered.


Emergency Ambulance Cover:

Certain medical emergencies may force you to use ambulance services to reach the hospital. Expenses of such emergency medical transportation are covered.


Hospital Cash Benefit:

To meet any kind of additional expenses incurred during your stay at hospital, this policy will provide hospital cash.


Reload of Sum Insured:

Suppose you exhaust the entire sum insured amount in a particular year, then for a top-up premium, 100% of the sum insured can be reloaded.


Alternate Treatment Cover:

For medical treatment such as AYUSH, comprehensive plans offer reimbursement of expenses. 


These are a few benefits of availing a comprehensive policy, so why not choose one today?


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