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Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Vaccinations?

18 February, 2016

Vaccination has changed the modern world and has revolutionized modern medicine. While eradicating dangerous diseases like smallpox, vaccines have also helped to lower mortality rates when dealing with otherwise common infections. Vaccines don’t just help in the prevention of diseases like polio or influenza, but they are also the first line of treatment when dealing with certain conditions like Rabies.

Health Insurance Coverage for Vaccines


Most health insurance plans in India provide maternity coverage that includes vaccination expenses for up to one year after the birth of the child. This varies between different insurance providers and their policies, which is why it is important to check with your insurer before purchasing a policy. Also find out about coverage for vaccinations administered to adults like hepatitis or rabies vaccines.

Contrary to popular belief, this additional cover is not expensive. . Increasing competition has resulted in insurers trying to provide additional benefits and add-on features with competitivehealth insurance policies designed to retain existing customers and bring in new clients.

Some insurance policies may extend the scope of vaccine coverage beyond maternity insurance, covering costs of vaccines needed to prevent infectious diseases or those spread through animal bites. The amount of cover provided is predetermined by your health insurance company and you will need to check these terms before assuming you have coverage.


Limitations of Coverage

While availing such cover, policyholders are advised to clearly understand the vaccines that are included and excluded. This is important as it will help to prevent any claim rejections. Most preventive vaccines are covered under the add-on feature; nonetheless check with the insurer before making your choice.

The Royal Sundaram Lifeline health insurance plan offers many advantages to policyholders. Vaccine expenses for animal bites can be availed under the plan within limits between INR 2,500 to INR 7,500. Maternity cover also includes cover for vaccination of children during their first year up to a sum of INR 10,000.


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