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Does Your Policy Entitle You to Free Health Checkups?

25 February, 2016

To encourage people to buy health cover, many insurance companies offer free checkups for policyholders. Although most buyers are aware of this, only 25% of them avail this facility. One reason is because they are fearful of an increase in premiums in case the checkup results reveal any risks.

The fact is that premium cost does not increase while renewing the policy simply because the results were not up to the mark. An increase occurs only in the event the policyholder wants to increase the sum insured.

Some Facts about Health Checkups

• Free medical checkups are available with health insurance plans, either annually or every few years, as specified in the insurance document

• This feature is also available to policyholders who have filed claims against their policy

• No increase in premium if any health risk or conditions are diagnosed during the checkup

• Tests, when conducted at empanelled centers, do not require any fee payment from policyholders

• Policyholders can opt for testing at nearby facilities and costs are reimbursed by the health insurance company

• Check the policy document to find out if there is any condition that requires some claims-free period to make you eligible for the free health checkup

Included Medical Tests 

• Echocardiogram

• Complete blood count

• Fasting blood sugar

• Lipid profile

• Urine analysis

• Chest X-ray

The charges are negotiated between the companies and the diagnostic centers and may vary. Some companies provide a comprehensive package for holders of health insurance policies with high sum insured.

Costs and Payouts

Holders are advised to check with their service provider, since costs vary from one center to another. If the tests are done at empanelled centers, no charges are paid by the holders. When the checkup is done at a non-empanelled lab, the expenses are reimbursed on receiving the bill.

The Lifeline health insurance plan from Royal Sundaram offers holders of Supreme and Elite free annual medical checkups. Holders of the Classic plan can avail this facility once in 2 years.