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Health Insurance in the Context of Organ Transplants

26 February, 2016

Organ transplantation is very often a medical necessity and is a life-saving treatment in such cases. In most cases, the need for a transplant is something that is unforeseeable until an illness surfaces, causing damage to the organs. With our huge population and the rise of lifestyle diseases there has been a dramatic increase in the need for such procedures, but the increase in potential recipients hasn’t been matched with organ donation. Potential donors are often reluctant to come forward as the costs of their hospitalization and other medical expenses are usually not covered.

Unfortunately, insurance providers are not very forthcoming in covering donor expenses. Most health plans exclude donor expenses, associated with organ donation. Some insurers have taken note of this problem and have begun offering policyholders inbuilt coverage for such expenses.

Key Concerns that Need Addressing

1. The health insurance cover for organ donation is restricted only to the surgery. In case the donor becomes sick due to donation after the surgery, the insurance company has no liability of covering treatment expenses for the same. A few companies provide post-op hospitalization coverage for a pre-specified period.

2. It is a medical fact that organ recipients are at higher risk of complications as compared to donors. Because the organ transplantation cover is subject to certain limitations under the health insurance policy, the recipients need to incur their own expenses, which may not be financially feasible for them.

The industry expects insurance providers to consider these concerns and provide comprehensive health insurance plans that cover both donor and recipient medical expenses.

A health policy is availed by individuals to obtain cover against medical emergencies that require hospitalization, whether resulting from accidents or illness. Some types of ailments are not covered under standard policies. In addition, diseases that result in permanent disability or paralysis are not covered.

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