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Tips to Choose the Best Cashless Mediclaim Policy for Family

26 November, 2019

Medical insurance is a tailor-made plan that protects an individual from exorbitant medical bills. Unhealthy food habits and lifestyles are the prime reasons behind the increased risk of hospitalization among people. Medical insurance takes care of your medical bills, hospitalization charges, etc., and has become a family necessity today. Choosing the best medical insurance policy allows individuals to take care of their medical emergencies without affecting their savings and financial goals. Needless to say, allocating a small portion of your savings for insurance is an essential part of financial planning.


What is cashless Mediclaim policy?

The cashless Mediclaim policy is one of the best features provided to the policyholder. This advantage allows you to undergo treatment without having to pay medical bills at the time of hospitalization. Under this policy, the insured needs to inform the insurance company 2-3 days prior to a planned hospitalization. In case of an emergency, the company should be informed within 24 hours of hospitalization. The hospital expenses are paid by the insurance company if the total charges fall under the assured limit provided to the holder, and the hospital is covered by the network of the insurance company. Fortunately, due to increased healthcare needs today, most insurance companies now provide cashless Mediclaim policy with a high cover.


Important tips for choosing the best cashless Mediclaim policy for family


Know your insurer

Before choosing any cashless Mediclaim policy, it is essential for you to examine the profile of your insurer thoroughly. You should check claim settlement plans with different insurance companies and choose the right one. Read the reviews and go through the terms and conditions before making a decision.


Analyze your wants

Examining your needs and requirements can help you to choose the best cashless Mediclaim policy. All cashless policies come with limitations, and insurance plans do not cover the amount if it exceeds the limit. You should work out your requirements and then choose the best plan that suits your budget and needs. Analyzing your needs will help you to structure the monthly premiums to be paid.


Go cashless or get a reimbursement

While opting for medical insurance, a cashless Mediclaim policy where you don’t need to be worried about paying costly bills is the best option. Some insurance policies also offer reimbursements to bills. Look out for policies that offer these benefits.


Check if your hospital is covered under the plan

While choosing the best cashless option, first check the list of hospitals covered under the plan. Opt for plans which enable you to enjoy cashless benefits with hospitals near you. Also, check if the policy provides a claim for pre-existing illnesses.


Best cashless Mediclaim policy for families in India


Today, many insurance companies provide affordable health plans with a comprehensive range of facilities and benefits. While choosing the best Mediclaim policy for your family, look out for plans which come with the highest coverage network of hospitals and have an ISO certified claim process. Insurance pioneers nowadays provide cashless Mediclaim facilities with at least 4000-6000 hospitals. Apart from cashless hospitalization, a Mediclaim policy may also cover charges of critical illness, organ donation charges, life renewal policies, maternity cover, daily care procedure, vaccination in case of an animal bite, and much more. Most companies offer cashless approval within 2-4 hours of hospitalization. A policyholder can enjoy features like annual renewal facility, free health check-up once a year, increased insured amount, etc. Cashless Mediclaim facility protects you and secures your family. To search for the best cashless Mediclaim policy in India, you can check out the insurance aggregators online and know about it in detail. 


Best Mediclaim policy for family

Our lives revolve around family, and taking care of them is our primary responsibility. Many insurance companies provide Mediclaim policies for families; in fact, plans like Family Plus or Lifeline are specially made to take care of your family. Along with the facilities, coverage cost and premiums should be cautiously observed. An insurance premium should fit your budget without interfering with your financial goals. Keep in mind that Mediclaim policies are suitable for individuals who are below 60 years of age. There are separate plans made for infants or any individuals above 60 years of age.


Important points to know before the cashless Mediclaim policy

  • Keep in mind the preapproval time of the cashless policy.
  • Remember the exact amount covered under the insurance plan.
  • The insurer will only pay the amount that is covered under the plan, and the rest of the amount will be paid by you.
  • Make a list of all the different documents to be submitted, including the claim form to avail the benefits.
  • Check out the networking hospitals provided by the insurer. Make sure you avail the facility only from these hospitals.


Cashless Mediclaim policy remains the finest feature of a health insurance plan. It gives you ease to handle emergencies, so you don’t have to worry about bills. Make sure to insure yourself and your loved ones with cashless health insurance at the earliest!