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What is Hospital Cash Insurance?

01 October, 2015

We all aim to be in the best state of health. No one amongst us plans to fall sick or get hurt. However, at some point of time, everyone needs medical care and attention due to unforeseen circumstances such as illnesses, medical conditions, or injuries caused due to accidents.

Healthcare costs, however, seem to rise at an alarming rate such that it often burns a hole in the pockets of the person seeking professional medical care. To financially cushion you from the brunt of rising medical costs, a health insurance policy is recommended.

A health insurance plan will take care of expenses hospitalization expenses. While a standard health insurance policy will take care of your medical bills, there are several other expenses such as costs of medical diagnosis, food expenses, commuting expenses, cost of patient’s attender’s lodging, etc. which will force you to seek financial aid or break your savings. In such a scenario, you will require a financial safeguard that will provide extra cash to meet these additional expenses.  A hospital cash insurance plan provides the necessary financial supplement with your health insurance plan to meet these additional expenses easily.

Who can get this policy?

Royal Sundaram Hospital Cash Insurance plan is available for any individual aged between 1 to 65 years. The cover is extendable to a single person or an entire family comprising spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents.

What are the benefits of this policy?

There are several benefits of this policy, some of them are listed as follows:

  • You will get daily cash benefit from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000, depending on the policy cover, for any kind of hospitalization that is beyond 24 hours, but less than 180 days.
  • Additional cash benefit of Rs. 1000 per day available for hospitalization up to 180 days.
  • Cash benefit of Rs. 2000 per day, up to 21 days, for hospitalization due to injuries caused during an accident.
  • If the hospitalization exceeds 21 days, then the insured will receive a lump sum amount in the range of Rs. 7500 to Rs. 15000, depending on the extent of policy cover chosen.

This kind of monetary help is adequate to cover any kind of additional costs incurred by the insured while being hospitalized. So why break your savings when you can avail such extensive cover for a small premium?