Tips on Health Insurance

Health insurance is a more transparent and reliable to secure the financial future of your family against all medical issues. Check out four myths about buying health insurance.

A senior citizen health insurance plan takes care of the medical needs and offers appropriate protection at a cost-effective premium. Check some things to know about insuring your parents..

Five common mistake to avoid while buying health insurance policy if you are planning to buy an appropriate health insurance which helps to save you from the burden of medical expenses.

As the saying goes, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Taking care of one’s health in the current day and age becomes paramount in order to compete on any professional platform. Moreover, it is a harsh reality that the nature of most of our works is quite antithetical to our goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is why, health insurance plans are always in demand,...

Tax saving is a key factor that influences the investment behaviour of most earning individuals in India. One such investment instrument is health insurance because it caters to an important part of our life - health. Taking care of one’s health is a costly affair, whether it’s maintaining a healthy lifestyle or getting proper treatments from good hospitals. In addition, the health...