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What Is and Isn't Covered by Your Home Insurance?
07 July, 2017

Home is where the heart is. And to protect our homes, where we ground our families, possessions and basically our entire life, is one of the most basic instincts we have.

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Get the Right Coverage For Your Sweet Home
16 February, 2017

So you have a car insurance, a life insurance, and a health insurance? Do you also have a home insurance? Well, the demand for home insurance has been growing by the day. It takes years to build a home, no matter, whether it is ancestral or recently purchased by you. ..

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Four Things to keep in mind before purchasing Home Insurance
07 October, 2016

A home is precious to many of us, and we take utmost care of it. However, rarely do many of us think about the possibility of damages it might sustain. In fact, it is the most prized possession any one can have.

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Tips to Ease the Claims Process for Home Insurance
08 March, 2016

From natural calamities to accidents, unforeseen events are often a cause of great stress to most individuals. Along with your own safety, a major concern during such occurrences is the protection of your home. The cost of repairs and reconstruction can result in financial crises for many individual...

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How to Choose the Best Home Insurance Company
18 February, 2016

When it comes to homes, you would, no doubt, want the best of everything. From construction to decor, one deliberates over every aspect with utmost care. The result is, eventually, a suitable combination based on your preferences and budget. Buying an insurance policy for your home is no different.

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Home Insurance Cover against Natural Disasters
10 February, 2016

For most individuals and families, a home is without a doubt their most valuable asset. Quite naturally, every home owner wants to protect his home, family and possessions within the house. You should invest in security systems and other safety features to minimize the risk of damage to your house i...

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6 Helpful Tips to Reduce Home Insurance Costs
18 January, 2016

If buying or building a home is a huge responsibility, protecting it is even more so. Despite all the precautions you take, your home may still be vulnerable to several risks. This is what makes having a reliable insurance plan crucial for every home owner.

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A Beginner's Guide to Home Insurance
10 December, 2015

Every home owner recognizes the importance of protecting his home against the numerous risks it is susceptible to. People often invest in numerous security systems to ensure the safety of their home. However, these safeguards may not always suffice as there are limits to the protection they offer.

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5 Necessary Riders to Enhance Home Insurance Cover
28 January, 2016

Owning a home certainly brings a sense of safety and comfort to individuals and families. Home ownership also comes with its fair share of responsibilities however, with safety and maintenance being major concerns. Although security systems and precautions may help to an extent, there is no better w...

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5 Exclusions to Home Insurance You Should Know About
22 December, 2015

Home ownership is a dream for most people and when you do finally manage to buy a home it is important that you take every step possible to protect it. As your most valuable asset, it is wise to secure it with comprehensive insurance policies. Unfortunately, your home insurance cover may not be as w...

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5 Effective Measures to Keep Your Home Safe
19 November, 2015

Your home is a place where you can escape from all your worries and relax. It is also a safe haven where you are protected from most dangers, which is why it is so important that you make every effort to safeguard and protect your house. Although your home offers your protection, it is not safe from...

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5 Common Misconceptions about Home Insurance
27 October, 2015

Protecting the home you live in is obviously a priority and most of us safeguard this interest by securing insurance. In addition to the fact that your home is probably your most valuable physical asset, it also houses various valuable possessions including your jewelry, appliances, and furniture.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Get Home Insurance
16 September, 2015

Regardless of age, socio-economic class or gender, your home is a place of sanctuary. It not only provides physical shelter, but also offers comfort and safety. Unfortunately, your home is not immune to certain risks.

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Benefits of owning Home Content Insurance
05 August, 2015

When you purchase a house, it is nothing beyond a physical structure comprising walls, roof, windows, and doors. It is the people and their possessions that make your house, home. We embellish our houses with the choicest of items and purchase accessories to enhance the luxury and comfort level.

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Do You Need Home Content Insurance?
18 March, 2015

To protect our homes against the financial impact of any kind of uncalled damages from natural or human-made disasters, a home insurance policy is recommended. Keeping this fact in mind, many of you might have purchased home owner insurance.

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Quick tips to follow before you purchase Home Insurance
28 January, 2015

First and foremost, homeowners needs home insurance to protect their homes and personal property from damages caused by unprecedented events.

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5 Essential Covers That Every Home Insurance Should Offer
16 December, 2014

Home is the first place where you would wish to return back to after a hard day’s work. It is the first place where you learn some basic skills to survive in this world. It is the first place where some of your treasured memories will be formed. However, what would you do if this dear place of yours...

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Insure your home online and get peace of mind
20 February, 2013

Insuring your home now should not be a hassle any more. To increase the convenience of the consumer, home insurers now offer you the facility to buy house insurance online.

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How to avail adequate home insurance cover
18 June, 2013

It took Shivani who returned from a holiday trip with her entire family, a shock of her life to know that some miscreants have broken the house and have took away many of the home contents/ appliances along with jewellery and valuables. Theft had also resulted in damage to the structure of the hou...

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Get home insurance for safe living
20 February, 2013

There`s no place safer than home is the common belief we all have. But it is time we step back and think if our home is safe from the many perils it stands open too. And if our home is not safe from the many rampant risks, how can we be safe? As you cannot do much to save your house from any unfortu...

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