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Gruh Suraksha Home Insurance Plan is a comprehensive package of insurance benefits designed to cover your Building and Household articles like Contents, Appliances, Jewellery, Mobile equipments etc. Home is where our precious possessions are kept and hence this is the place which is intertwined with our day to day living. Needless to say this is the place where our heart is whether we are physically present there all the time or not. Hence the safety of our Home and the priceless possessions we keep inside always will have to be accorded prime importance and protected in all possible ways from untoward incidents and mishaps. The very thought of any loss or damage to the structure or the expensive articles kept inside can be quite painful bringing in more agony and hence they have to be protected from perils both natural and manmade. Hence getting a good home insurance cover is of paramount importance to you. Gruh Suraksha Home Insurance Plan is a comprehensive Home Insurance Plan offering holistic home insurance solutions to every discerning customer. Gruh Suraksha Home Insurance Plan offers coverage under the below 2 sections.
Plans Available

Plans Available

You can choose to cover Building or Household Articles or both.

Home Building Coverage under Home Insurance

Home Building

Household Items Coverage in Home Insurance

Household Articles

Discount on Home Building and Household Article Coverage

Home Building & Household Articles

Avail a 5% discount on premium by opting cover for both the building and Household articles


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Get the Right Coverage For Your Sweet Home

So you have a car insurance, a life insurance, and a health insurance? Do you also have a home insurance? Well, the demand for home insurance has been growing by the day.

Four Things to keep in mind before purchasing Home Insurance

A home is precious to many of us, and we take utmost care of it. However, rarely do many of us think about the possibility of damages it might sustain. In fact, it is the most prized possession any one can have.

How to Choose the Best Home Insurance Company

When it comes to homes, you would, no doubt, want the best of everything. From construction to decor, one deliberates over every aspect with utmost care..

A Beginner's Guide to Home Insurance

Every home owner recognizes the importance of protecting his home against the numerous risks it is susceptible to. People often invest in numerous security systems to ensure the safety of their home.

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