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4 Reasons Why You Should Get Home Insurance

16 September, 2015

Regardless of age, socio-economic class or gender, your home is a place of sanctuary. It not only provides physical shelter, but also offers comfort and safety. Unfortunately, your home is not immune to certain risks.

From natural disasters to unexpected accidents, one can never predict what may go wrong. Even though you may not be able to prevent every disaster, getting home insurance is the perfect way of protecting your home against unforeseen hazards.

Here are some of those unforeseen circumstances that could put your home at risk, illustrating the need for safeguards like home insurance.

1. Natural Calamities

Man-made constructions are often no match for the forces of nature. Natural disasters like storms, earthquakes, lightning, and so on, can cause extensive damage to your house. Having insurance makes it easier to cover the costs of reconstruction or repairs.

2. Man-made Destruction

Social upheaval with riots and mob violence can often cause destruction and damage to property. However, with a reliable insurance plan for your property and possessions you can claim cover for the necessary repairs or rebuilding.

3. Damage by Accidents

Most home insurance plan also provide cover against damage caused due to certain accidents. This can include coverage for damage resulting from accidental fire, explosion, and leakage or bursting of pipes and tanks, among others.

4. Threat to Possessions Within Your Home

With a suitable policy, you can protect the contents within your house against damage or theft. Valuable possessions such as furniture, jewelry, and household appliances may be covered under such policies.

Such circumstances highlight the importance of insurance, so make it a point to purchase home insuranceonline to safeguard your assets. With Royal Sundaram's policies you can avail a hefty 50 % discount on the purchase of the long-term home building policy, while other policies likeHome Content insurance also offer coverage on possessions within your home.