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5 Effective Measures to Keep Your Home Safe

19 November, 2015

Your home is a place where you can escape from all your worries and relax. It is also a safe haven where you are protected from most dangers, which is why it is so important that you make every effort to safeguard and protect your house. Although your home offers your protection, it is not safe from all perils.

Fortunately, keeping your home from harm's way is fairly easy. A few cautionary steps and a reliable home insurance package can go a long way in ensuring that your abode is truly protected.

Here are some helpful tips that should help you enhance your home safety.

1. Earthquake Resistant Construction

It is important to invest in the security of your home at the primary level itself. Evaluate the risks of an earthquake in your location and accordingly, invest in earthquake resistant methods of construction. If you are buying or renting a home, check for the resistance of the structure.

2. Ensure Safe Wiring

An organized wiring set-up for your electricity supply is very important to avoid the risk of short circuits and fire accidents. Be sure to install a secure wiring system with good insulation to avoid exposed live wires, and adequate safeguards like trippers.

3. Install Security Systems

While your home may be your biggest investment it also contains various valuable and big investments, including electrical appliances, furniture, and so on. These possessions, as well as cash and jewelry are especially susceptible to thefts. Install efficient locks and burglar alarms to keep thieves at bay.

4. Frequent Plumbing Checks

Regular use over a period of time causes wear and tear in your plumbing systems and may lead to accidents such as leakage of sewage pipes and bursting of water tanks. Conducting frequent checks allows for timely maintenance and can prevent such occurrences.

5. Get Home Insurance

Even with all these precautions in place, your home might not be entirely free from risks. However, with a reliable home insurance plan you can get cover against a number of perils including unexpected calamities and accidental destruction.

With Royal Sundaram's Home Content Insurance you can get extensive coverage of up to Rs. 11.5 lakhs for damage to household contents. There are various value added features and customization options and you can even buy our home insurance online through a secure and easy process.