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Do You Need Home Content Insurance?

18 March, 2015

To protect our homes against the financial impact of any kind of uncalled damages from natural or human-made disasters, a home insurance policy is recommended. Keeping this fact in mind, many of you might have purchased home owner insurance.

A standard home insurance policy will offer financial reimbursement to the house owner incase the insured home is structurally damaged. However, such policies do not offer you covers in case of events such as theft or burglary. Now, what will you do if you fall in a similar situation?

To avoid such situations, a home content insurance is recommended. This policy will offer cover for precious household items including TV, Washing Machine, Personal Computer, furniture, curtains, crockery, and jewellery against disasters such as fire accidents, flood damage, earthquake, electrical and mechanical wear and tear, theft, and burglary.

Why do you need Home Content Insurance?

Just as you require home insurance for covering the structural damage caused to your house, you require home content insurance to cover the damage caused to your precious belongings at home. This will also include protection against jewellery and valuables.

You require this policy to avail financial reimbursement for items in your home that are highly valuable. Without this policy, and if god forbid such an event were to befall you, the cost of replacing or repairing the damaged items or lost goods can be quite dear. 

What items will this policy cover?

The home content insurance policy offered by Royal Sundaram covers the following items:

  • Household articles of daily use such as clothing, carpet, furniture, fixtures, crockery, utensils, etc.
  • Home electronics and appliances such as Computer, television, Washing Machine, Fridge, Air Conditioner, Microwave oven, etc.
  • Jewellery worn by you/your family members who stay with you.

For a small amount of premium, you will be able to avail this extensive cover for the valuable items and goods, thingsthat make your house home. So why not buy this policy today?