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Get home insurance for safe living

20 February, 2013

There’s no place safer than home is the common belief we all have. But it is time we step back and think if our home is safe from the many perils it stands open too. And if our home is not safe from the many rampant risks, how can we be safe? As you cannot do much to save your house from any unfortunate damages you can have a plan in place to help you financially to meet with the repairs for the damages. A home insurance helps you cope with such a loss.
Here’s what the policy can help you cope with –
Damages in case of fire and allied perils : A home insurance helps you cope with damages that could occur due to fire. It also entails other natural calamities like lightning, earthquake, landslide, rockslide, flood, inundation, storm, tempest, typhoon, hurricane, tornado, or cyclone that pose a threat to your home. Man – made destructions that could harm you house are also covered by the policy like domestic gas explosions, overflow and bursting of water tank or pipes, damage caused by aircrafts, riots, strikes, malicious or terrorist acts.
Cover in case of burglary and housebreaking perils : Another threat that your home is vulnerable to is burglary. Even after placing a hi-tech security system, you can’t be sure if your possessions are safe. This is why home insurance covers you against burglary and housebreaking perils as well.
Cover for breakdown of domestic appliances : Electronic appliances add to your comfort when at home. Not only are they valuable but very essential in day to day life as well. A home insurance plan offers cover for damages to essential home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners etc. in case they are damaged due to accidental electrical or mechanical breakdown.
Additional living expenses : A home insurance offers complete support to meet with living cost in the event your house is damaged due to fire, storm or any other insured disaster. Some Insurers offer cover for additional expenses for alternate accommodation due to damage of existing residence due to Insured perils.
These benefits ensure that repairing your home in case of any mishap will not hamper your savings. So, search the market now for the most suitable home insurance plan and secure your sanctuary.