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Home Insurance Cover against Natural Disasters

10 February, 2016

For most individuals and families, a home is without a doubt their most valuable asset. Quite naturally, every home owner wants to protect his home, family and possessions within the house. You should invest in security systems and other safety features to minimize the risk of damage to your house in case of any unforeseen events.

Although this does improve the safety of your home, it only helps to minimize risks, but cannot eliminate them completely. This is especially true for natural disasters since their occurrence or magnitude is mostly unpredictable. It is in such scenarios that your home insurance acts as a much needed buffer.

Take a look at the natural disasters that a Home Insurance plan may typically cover.

• Earthquakes

In case of an earthquake, damage caused to the structure or the contents within will be covered under your policy.. Fire caused due to earthquakes is also covered.

• Floods

Insurance plans that offer coverage for damage cause by natural disasters will also cover inundation losses caused due to natural flooding. Also make sure about the specifics of the coverage offered, especially if you live in a flood prone city.

• Storms

Storms, cyclones, hurricanes and other such calamities can cause severe harm to your home. As per your insurance plan, the cost of reconstruction or repairs to the structure and losses resulting from damage to household possessions may be covered.

• Landslides

Having home insurance may also provide cover against landslides and rockslides and the destruction caused therein.

• Lightning

Although storms and heavy rains may not always result in flooding, you can also incur losses with regard to your property and possessions because of lightning. Having your home insured could save you the expenses on repairs or rebuilding.

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