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Quick tips to follow before you purchase Home Insurance

28 January, 2015

First and foremost, homeowners needs home insurance to protect their homes and personal property from damages caused by unprecedented events. Insurance is also needed for people who stay on rent, just so they can protect their valuables and other personal property. In this article we would learn about some tips to follow before you select a home insurance.

1) Decide How Much Coverage You Need
To be more secured choose a better coverage plan. In certain cases, the lender decides how much coverage you may require to get a policy. Make sure that the plan you have opt for covers your house and your valuable belongings (Appliances, Furniture & Jewellery)

2) Shop around before you buy
Keep in mind that your lenders words need not be considered as gospel. Use the power of internet to find unbiased sources and look for different insurers charging lesser amount for identical products.

3) Ask for discounts
Certain insurance companies offer discount on the premium if you choose Long term insurance. Avail upto 50% discount by choosing Royal Sundaram’s Home Insurance long term plans.

4) Basic Coverage Available
There are different home insurance plans which are offered to protect your home and belongings. Every package protects against certain number of events that may damage your property like fire, windstorm and theft. Each package policy comes with four additional types of coverage like property damage, additional living expenses, personal liability and medical payments.

5) Where to shop
Check online and educate yourself about various insurance companies and agents in your area. Ask your neighbours, relatives and friends for recommendations on a particular agent or insurance company that they trust. Remember to look around for multiple options to get the best price and service.