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Two Wheeler Long Term Insurance Buying Guide

Buying two wheeler insurance is mandatory for every two wheeler owner in India. Majority of the bike owners often purchase the policy recommended by the dealers...

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Travel Insurance Buying Guide - Travel Safe with Best Travel Insurance Plan

International travel is often laden with many unforeseen risks that may compromise the entire itinerary of the trip. A travel insurance plan is a necessary safeguard against such unforeseen risks. ....

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Home Insurance Buying Guide - Secure Your Home with Best Home Insurance Plan

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest thing in life. Apart from utilizing most of the savings, you may have to avail a home loan to purchase it. To avoid the financial impact of damages caused to your home due to unexpected perils, a home insurance policy is recommended.

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Health Insurance Buying Guide - We Help You Choose Best Health Insurance Plan

Health is the greatest form of wealth owned by any individual. However, unexpected medical problems, illnesses, and critical health conditions take a toll on your well-being, both physically and financially. While the best doctors help in restoring your physical well-being, a health insurance policy...

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Things to Keep in Mind before Buying a Home in Metro Cities - Infographics

Owning a property in metropolitan cities such as Delhi and Mumbai can be difficult for first-time buyers. Most of us wish to own a house in metropolitan cities, however lack of adequate information and right financing can keep you off from opportunities. Listed below are a few tips that will help yo...

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Essentials to Carry while Travelling

Be it a business trip or a vacation, journeys do call for a checklist. Preparing a fresh one can be a daunting task, so we travel packing easy for you with a checklist:

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Must Have Travel Apps to Install

Whether it is a short trip or a long journey, having the right information at hand about routes, places, travel insurance, medical facilities, etc. will always make your travel hassle-free. From knowing about transportation facilities and key tourist attractions to checking out the best restaurants ...

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What Laughter Can Do For You?

Laughter is truly therapeutic. It is amazing how it can be uplifting and turn things around magically, no matter how jaded you feel. From half-supressed giggles to a hearty guffaws, laughter has the potential to warm up the room, unshackle the chains of unfamiliarity, and forge connections.

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Insane traffic laws around the world!

We all believe that rules like the helmet law or the drunken driving law are unnecessary impediments to our inner urge to play the next Uday Chopra, or Salman Khan for that matter. But it should be understood that while Indian laws may baffle us, they come nowhere close to the downright oddities tha...

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5 Reasons to have home insurance!

The moment when you finally buy your own home may make you feel unbeatable and even invincible. But it is always prudent to understand that a calamity can strike at any time and never give you time to recover or prepare enough. Accordingly it is wise to invest in a solid home insurance plan that can...

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Tips to Stay Healthy During Flight

International flights are long and taxing for your mind and body. The enclosure of the plane, recycled air, and poor sense of hygiene among fellow passengers can cause several passengers to fall ill after flight. To avoid this, we have shared a few tips to stay healthy while flying.

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Sleep Better, Live Better

Sleep is quite essential for your physical and mental well-being. It keeps you sharp, energetic, and on your toes. However, depriving yourself from sleep can cause chronic health conditions, thus posing a risk to your life. Following are a few reasons that will compel you to get more sleep.

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Road Trip Checklist

The time for vacation has arrived and you might be wishing to pack your stuff, get your friends or family members, and hit the road.

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Guide for First Time Home Buyers

Home is said to be the basic need of man. Nowadays, buying a home is known to bring along a sense of pride and achievement. Deciding on a place to buy will be one of the most important decisions that you will take in life. The following guide will aid first time home buyers to take this decision in ...

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Evolution of Automobile Safety

From the day automobiles were launched in the market, car manufacturers were always concerned about the safety of the riders. Safety features play an essential role to prevent the riders from serious injuries during accidents.

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4 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Every journey is different, and it comes packed with its own set of surprises. While some surprises may sound pleasing, a few of them do tend to burn a hole in your pocket. To secure your travel from the financial burden of unpleasant surprises, book a travel insurance policy today.

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5 Health Issues Every Woman must be Aware of

Every stage in a woman`s life calls for a responsibility, which she has to shoulder. From child birth to menopause, being into a balancing act of a homemaker and working woman; the list is endless. All this however can be successfully taken care of; if she is aware of a few health threats she is lik...

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