4 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

4 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

4 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance


Every journey is different, and it comes packed with its own set of surprises. While some surprises may sound pleasing, a few of them do tend to burn a hole in your pocket. To secure your travel from the financial burden of unpleasant surprises, book a travel insurance policy today.


Take a look at these 4 reasons stating why you need to purchase travel insurance for every journey.


1) Loss of Baggage at Airport :


Airlines lose around 26 Million bags every year. 52% of the total baggage is lost during transit, 16% during loading, 13% due to switching, 3% due to airport restrictions, 7% due to unloading error, and remaining due to tagging errors and arrival station mishandling.

Though 96% of baggage is claimed, 4% continue to be lost. Your journey will become really difficult without your belongings. With travel insurance, you can avoid the blues of lost baggage and readily get reimbursement for the same.


2) Medical Emergencies on foreign land :


35.1 Million People get hospitalized during international travel, wherein the average stay at hospital is around 5 days. Hospitalization in countries like USA, UK can cost four times more than that in India. But with travel insurance, all these expenses will get sorted readily.


3) Cancellation or delay of flights :


Around 5,632 flights are delayed while 477 are cancelled each day. Stay at airport will force you to spend more. You will have to spend more for food, accommodation, and luggage handling. But when your journey is insured, all the extra expenses can be easily reclaimed.


4) Theft of belongings :


Around 14,000 travellers get robbed in USA and Europe each year. Mobile phones, wallets, jewellery, baggage and many personal accessories are reported to be stolen. You can minimize the pain of lost goods by filing a claim with your travel insurance company.