5 Health Issues Every Woman must be Aware of

5 Health Issues Every Woman must be Aware of

5 Health Issues Every Woman must be Aware of


Every stage in a woman`s life calls for a responsibility, which she has to shoulder. From child birth to menopause, being into a balancing act of a homemaker and working woman; the list is endless. All this however can be successfully taken care of; if she is aware of a few health threats she is likely to be prone. Here are 5 health issues that every woman must be aware.


Heart Disease :

This disease is responsible for 29% of death in women. The major reason for it being, it goes undiagnosed many times. Obesity also has a major role to play. A 20 minute brisk walk everyday can really do a great deal of good to your overall well-being.

Breast Cancer :

This dreadful disease is responsible for 1% of total death of women worldwide. The major cause being the lifestyle factor, as woman are getting married late, resulting in late pregnancy and a lot sedentary work life. Once you reach the mark of 40 years of age it is good habit to undergo a complete medical check-up in regular interval of time. It is also advisable to every woman to hold a health insurance policy for such uncertainties in life.

Osteoporosis :


Found both in men and women but the ratio majorly leans towards the female a lot. It is completely curable but preventive majors could be, to have a diet high in calcium or vitamin D, no smoking habits and no excessive intake of alcohol.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) :

The statistics are sad but it affects every 10% of women in their reproductive age, in this condition it can damage a woman’s uterus thereby her fertility. Women with PCOS are prone to excessive hair growth, irregular periods and acne. However it is many times deciphered in women dealing with issues like obesity, hypertension or cardiovascular diseases. It is very important for every woman to be involved in a good cardiovascular workout.

Depression :

This disease affects women 50% more than men. The reasons are many, from lifestyle factors to hormonal changes or a stressful life event. It is always advisable to stay calm and have a meditation session at least for 15 minutes a day.