How often you should drink water ?

How often you should drink water ?


1- Drink water just after you wake up


Drinking water on an empty stomach each morning can be very beneficial for you. You must drink at least two to four glasses of water (roughly amounting to 800ml) every day after waking up. Drinking water every day morning will clear all the toxins out of your system. You can also add flavours such as cinnamon, honey, and lemon to the water if you want to increase its health quotient.


2- Drink water before your meal


You should drink at least 1 glass of water an hour before your meal as this will help you to lose weight. This will also reduce the urge of your hunger so that you eat a little less during meal time. Also, you should drink water after the meal as it allows your body to absorb the nutrients.


3- Drink water after workout


You must rehydrate yourself post workout. You can have water or sports drink with an electrolyte tablet. Also, there are different types of low-calorie electrolyte tablets that can quickly dissolve in water and can help to replenish electrolytes.


4- Drink water before you sleep


You must drink one or two glasses of water before you sleep so as to restock any kind of fluid loss that can occur during the night time.


5- Drink more water when it’s hot and humid


Hydration becomes very important during intense exercise in the summer season. It’s easier to get dehydrated when it’s hot and humid. Thus, you must drink extra water during this time.



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