Insane traffic laws around the world!

Insane traffic laws around the world!

Insane traffic laws around the world!


We all believe that rules like the helmet law or the drunken driving law are unnecessary impediments to our inner urge to play the next Uday Chopra, or Salman Khan for that matter. But it should be understood that while Indian laws may baffle us, they come nowhere close to the downright oddities that have made it as statutes regarding traffic around the world. Here is a look at some of the craziest ones by far!


1) In Scandinavia and Sweden, it is illegal to drive with your headlights off, even during the daylight and during the periods of better weather each year.

2) In Manila, you cannot drive on a Monday if your license plate ends in the number 1 or 2.

3) In Japan, you are punishable if your driver is intoxicated, even if you are sober!

4) In Thailand, one must wear a shirt/top while driving. Going topless attracts a fine of several hundred Thai baht.

5) Being a bespectacled driver in Spain legally requires you to carry a spare pair of glasses in the car. Breaking this rule may attract a fine.

6) In Rockville, Maryland, cursing in public is illegal. It attracts a fine of $100 or a jail term of 90 days.

7) Russian authorities will fine you up to 2000 Roubles if you drive a car that is dirty.

8) In France it is compulsory to carry an unused breathalyser kit in your car at all times.

Talk about self-regulation for all that Champagne!