7 Steps to take before buying travel insurance

7 Steps to take before buying travel insurance

Steps to take before buying travel insurance


Conduct Adequate Research

It is important to do a proper research before buying a travel insurance policy. This will help you to choose the plan that best suits your needs and avoid unnecessary confusion during the claim settlement process.



Understand The Types

It is important to understand the types of policies before buying the travel insurance policy. Each policy caters to different needs of a traveler.

Single, multi-trip or reason based like senior citizen, student, Asia or leisure trip are the most common types of travel insurance policies.



Know The Risks Covered Under the Policy

It is prudent to understand the risks covered under your travel insurance plan you intend to buy. Your travel insurance plan must cover all travel related risks.  Do ensure that your travel plan provides coverage against trip cancellation, loss of baggage/passport, emergency evacuation, medical emergency, etc.



Exclusions Under the Policy

Before buying a travel insurance policy, look for the exclusions as well. Check various restrictions levied under your travel insurance plan. Exclusions differ from one policy to the other, so it’s good to check it beforehand.



Evaluate the amount of coverage

Determine the amount of coverage before buying a travel insurance plan.

If you’re going on a leisure trip with less activities to engage in, choose a policy with lower coverage and vice versa.



Compare policies online

Compare policies online to save on insurance premium.

Get a cost-effective travel insurance plan as per your requirement.



Choose a reputed insurer

It is advisable to buy your travel insurance plan from a reputed insurer. Check their past records and reviews about their plan from the customers.