The Top Ten Exercise Myths

The Top Ten Exercise Myths

The Top Ten Exercise Myths


We all love creating the ultimate workout module to cater to the health freak inside us. But it is indeed time to shed some all-too common misconceptions and myths that have long plagued the world of fitness. Here they are!


Your cardio machine counts the calories you burn


This is not always true. A lot of times machines won’t really take your weight, sex or calories into consideration. Moreover, the figures may differ based on the person.


Heart rate monitors are the measurement of your toil


Your body is a better indicator of this. Rather than look at the number on the screen of your cardio machine, look at how coherent your speech is, or how out of breath you get, at the end of a gruelling session.


Your weight is the ultimate measure


Often people put on the kilos after following weight regimes for just a few weeks. The amount you take away from exercise depends on how you feel, how well your clothes fit and how much energy remains in you at the end of the work-day.


Chugging protein shakes after workouts


Most times, these shakes are made of low quality protein content and often rob you of the benefits of ingesting pure protein through foods like yoghurt, beef, milk and nuts.


Bigger = better


This is perhaps the most dangerous myth. Regardless of the idea that bigger weights, sharper inclines and faster reps will help, one must realize that our body’s limits mean we risk injuring ourselves just in the pursuit of that extra mile. It is important to exercise restraint as well!


Cold water burns fat


There is no scientific proof of this. Moreover, having lukewarm water is thought to be better at cooling you down rather than the shock due to differing temperatures when you drink cold water after a sweaty workout, which also has you risking a cold.


Gatorade is a must


Many drinks like Gatorade have unbelievably high sugar content in them, ensuring that the balance of our bodily salts is upset. At best, water is the only viable alternative or, to stretch it, natural ones like lemon or fruit juice.


 Stretching is always good


This is very relative. It is better to stretch after a session than before, as it allows the punished muscle groups to unfurl out and relax. Doing this before exercise may sometimes prove to be counter-productive and can lead to getting hurt.


One can exercise without proper gear


Let’s face it; not everyone is built like Superman that their bare legs can take a jog on hard ground each day without some sickening pain. Invest in good shoes that nullify the shock to your joints and clothes that let you breathe between gruelling reps.


Hog as long as you slog


Perhaps the worst myth of all. It lets people assume that uninterrupted bingeing is okay as long as one burns it off at the gym. However, it should be known that while the gym breaks us down, it is the right kind of food that rehabilitates us to be stronger and better. So don’t laze off on that diet plan!