What Laughter Can Do For You?

What Laughter Can Do For You?

What Laughter Can Do For You?


Laughter is truly therapeutic. It is amazing how it can be uplifting and turn things around magically, no matter how jaded you feel. From half-supressed giggles to a hearty guffaws, laughter has the potential to warm up the room, unshackle the chains of unfamiliarity, and forge connections.

Laughter is said to be therapeutic, thus helping you save on medical expenses and health insurance claims. There is so much to laughter than just the happy, energetic cheer it spreads around. Here are a few health benefits of laughter.

1>    Releases Endorphins and lowers stress levels

2>    Improves breathing, stretches muscles, and helps digestion

3>    Improves cardiac health by lowering blood pressure

4>    Makes your immune system stronger by boosting T-Cells

5>    Improves alertness, memory, and creativity

6>    Relieves pain and fights depression

7>    Works out your abs and helps in shedding tummy fat