Hero Duet

Hero Duet

Hero Duet, by Hero Motocorp, is a 110cc unisex scooter and ranges between the Maestro Edge and the Pleasure. Promoted as a family scooter, Hero Duet was one of the popular models designed independently by Hero MotoCorp after its separation with the long-time joint partner - Honda.


The popular Hero Duet comprises of a beautifully molded metal body that gives this scooter a unique and modern shape, making this scooter one of the best-looking vehicles in the scooter segment.


The turn signals and the headlamp are comprised into one single unit, at the front, near the handlebar. Moreover, the V-shaped chrome strip adds bling to the overall aesthetics of the Hero Duet. Coming to the rear, the seat, grab rails for pillion rider and the black floorboard looks elegant due to the new paint schemes.

Hero Duet Price

Hero Duet Price:

The Hero Duet model was discontinued in India in April 2020.


However, based on the last known average ex-showroom price in Mumbai, the Hero Duet was priced between ₹50,280 and ₹54,080.


Hero Duet Variants Price List:


Given below are the prices of all the variants of Hero Duet.




          Ex-Showroom Price (Mumbai)

Duet LX 110 cc | 63.8 kmpl     



Duet VX 110 cc | 63.8 kmpl




Kindly note that the Hero Duet model has been discontinued from April 2020 in India.

Hero Duet Review

Hero Duet Review:

Just like the Hero's Maestro Edge, the Hero Duet too steered away from Honda's engine and technology and is entirely homegrown by Hero MotoCorp. It took Hero MotoCorp many efforts to design, build, and launch Hero Duet on a whole new platform and powertrain.


Positioned between the robust Hero Maestro and the fun Hero Pleasure, the Hero Duet is an optimum unisex family scooter. This change has helped in boosting the sales of Hero MotoCorp in the Indian scooter segment.


The high-end Hero Duet VX proffers a comfortable and stable ride at both city speeds and highway all thanks to the telescopic front suspension. Furthermore, the well-padded seat and the scooter's suspension isolate you from the bumpy roads and sudden jerks due to uneven roads. The 10-inch tubeless TVS tires provide an excellent grip. However, the small-sized tires add to the bumpy rides over the speed of 50kmph mark.


Moreover, the footboard vibrations are felt over the same 50kmph mark and gets further bothersome as the speed increases. Make sure to note that the base version of Hero Duet - Hero Duet LX received a regular hydraulic damper that is linked to its bottom. This degradation might not be up to the mark for some users.


The bold and robust metal body of Hero Duet adds six kilograms to the weight and makes it a bit bulkier than Maestro Edge. However, it offers stability even in strong winds and vibrations on the highway. This scooter comes with Hero's trademarked Integrated Braking Systems to add to its reliability.

Hero Duet Insurance

Hero Duet Insurance:


Hero Duet is a great scooter both in terms of design and class. In India, as per the law, it is mandatory to have motor insurance for the vehicles you possess. Failing to have insurance can levy hefty penalties upon the rider. So, even though the model has been discontinued, you may already have a Hero Duet model or planning to buy one second-hand. In both these cases, it is crucial to insure your beloved two-wheeler with a two-wheeler insurance policy.


Royal Sundaram offers you a fully comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan for Hero Duet. We offer extensive coverage at affordable premiums, seamless policy purchase, swift three-step renewal and hassle-free claim settlement. You can also avail dedicated after-sales service that assists you every step of the way. Buy a bike insurance plan for Hero Duet from Royal Sundaram and choose from a range of add-ons to offer the perfect coverage for your two-wheeler.

Hero Duet RTO Registration

Hero Duet RTO Registration:


The RTO, also known as the Regional Transport Office, is liable for filing and maintaining a record of all the vehicles that run in India. One of the essential offerings of RTOs offer is vehicle registration. RTO is the regulatory and administrative body that grants legal status to all the automobiles in India.


Check the below list and find how much fees are levied to a particular bike segment:


  • Motorcycle/Two-wheeler – ₹300
  • Imported Motorcycle – ₹2,500


There are several certificates that the buyer needs to present to get their bike recorded and registered:


  • Form 20: Application to register your new bike
  • Form 21: Vehicle Sale Certificate
  • Form 23: Registration Certificate
  • Form 28: 3 copies of NOC to be submitted for taking the vehicle out of state (if you are buying a second-hand bike)
  • Form 29: 2 copies of Notice of Transfer of Vehicle Ownership (if you are buying a second-hand bike)
  • Form 30: 2 copies of Report of Transfer of Ownership (if you are buying a second-hand bike)
  • Form 38A: Inspection Report
  • Form 51: Certificate of Insurance
  • PUC Certificate
  • Road tax certificate
  • Copy of PAN card
  • Legal proof of address
  • Pencil Sketch of Engine and Chassis number
  • Registration fee
Alternate Scooter Brands in India

Alternate Scooter Brands in India:


Listed below are the closest alternatives of Hero Duet. You can consider these options to make a wise decision.

  • Honda Activa 125

         Ex-showroom, Mumbai

         ₹71,538 - ₹78,588

  • TVS Jupiter

         Ex-showroom, Mumbai

         ₹65,470 - ₹72,490

  • Suzuki Access 125

         Ex-showroom, Mumbai

        ₹70,769 - ₹78,600




Royal Sundaram assumes no responsibility on the correctness of the information related to the

vehicle and advises the customers to verify the details from the sources/websites of the respective


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