Honda Activa

Honda Activa

The Activa is by far the most attractive and top-selling scooter in the segment for Honda. Its position in the market is almost unrivaled. The scooter has seen five generation upgrades until now. The Indian audience has given all of them a warm welcome.


Three unique models are made available for the Indian audience. In addition to that, there is one more limited edition variant that is running in the market. The three models are the Activa 5G, the Activa i, and Activa 125.


The newest entry in the family is the Activa 5G, which costs Rs. 54,632 (Ex-showroom, Delhi). The most economical one is Activa i, and it costs Rs. 50,974 (Ex-showroom, Delhi). Meanwhile, the Honda Activa 125, the most expensive one, is priced at Rs. 60,347 (Ex-showroom, Delhi).


Honda is known for delivering quality products at reasonable prices, and with every Activa version, they make it more attractive to the buyer.

Honda Activa Price

Honda Activa Price


There are three different variants available in the Activa family. The Honda Activa i, the Honda Activa 125, Honda Activa 5G. The price range of the bike starts from Rs. 50,974 (Ex-showroom, Delhi) and goes up to about Rs. 60,347 (Ex-showroom, Delhi). The cheapest one is the Honda Activa i, while the most costly one is Honda Activa 125 at Rs. 60,347 (Ex-showroom, Delhi).


Honda Activa Variants Price list



Price (Ex-showroom Delhi

Honda Activa 5G

Rs. 54,632

Honda Activa 125

Rs. 60,347

Honda Activa i

Rs. 50,974

Honda Activa Review

Honda Activa Review


The Honda Activa 5G, the fifth entry in the Activa category, is in the market with two variants: DLX and STD. The price of the scooter varies from Rs. 54,632 to Rs. 56,497 (Ex showroom price Delhi). Black combined with silver and white infused with gold are the two color tones available with the scooter. Honda had also released a limited version of the 5G model. However, the only difference between them is the design. The advantages of buying the Honda 5G are fuel efficiency, strong build, a vast Honda network for post sales services. Meanwhile, the disadvantages of the scooter are the absence of front disc brake, outdated design, ride quality is not comfortable.


The Honda Activa i shares the same motor with the 5G (the 109cc). The most visible difference between the regular Activa and the i version is that it looks lighter and skinnier. The fuel tank capacity is of 5.3 litres. The advantages of the scooter are its affordable price, light body, and an efficient engine. The disadvantages of the scooter involve its outdated look and absence of features like an LED headlamp.


Another variant that Honda offers is the Honda Activa 125, which is the most superior one out of all. It is also the most expensive one in the Activa family. The advantages of the scooter involve alloy wheels, a comfortable riding experience, a large seating area, big footboard, an option of disc brake, combined braking system. However, the disadvantages of the scooter are its slightly high price, and the instrumentation used is not advanced.

Honda Activa Insurance

Honda Activa Insurance


Buying insurance is a necessary step for anyone looking to buy a scooter. The Indian government has made it a compulsion.


Here are the things that Royal Sundaram provides coverage for:



There are major benefits of buying a Royal Sundaram package like claim settlement will be received in ten working days, comprehensive coverage for scooter, damage to third-party life and property, and scooter's accessories. In the event of an accident, the insurer can claim up to Rs. 15 lakh.

Honda Activa RTO Registration

Honda Activa RTO Registration


The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is a body established by the Indian government to maintain and organize the list of vehicles and drivers in the country. The most essential services that they provide are vehicle registration and driver license.


It is compulsory for every vehicle to be registered from an RTO office near them. The vehicle will not be considered legal without the registration from RTO.


Required documents for registering a vehicle are:


  • Address proof documents
  • PAN card copy
  • Invoice
  • Temporary registration issued by the dealer (which will be valid for a few days)
  • CMV20 application form
  • Bike’s certificate of sale
  • NOC from RTO and certificate of sales tax


The amount of fees to be paid for registration depends on the state.

Honda Activa Alternates

Honda Activa Alternates


Honda Activa is a market leader in the scooter segment, and it is hard to beat it. However, there are a few opponents that give it strong competition. TVS Jupiter, Yamaha Fascino, Suzuki Access 125, Mahindra Gusto and Hero Maestro Edge. However, the Activa has the edge over all of them.



Royal Sundaram assumes no responsibility on the correctness of the information related to the vehicle and advise the customers to verify the details from the sources/websites of the respective OEMs.

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