Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

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Introducing Maruti Ertiga

Introducing Maruti Ertiga


For its sheer versatility, adaptability, and value for money, the first generation of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga had a great start during its launch in the year 2012. Maruti Suzuki Etriga, over a period, witnessed a few hurdles. This was due to a change in preference of the customer when it came to buying a car. People preferred car segments like compact sedans, and premium hatches and more. The all-new second-generation Maruti Ertiga is distinguishably far more desirable and packs much more than its predecessor packs. Now, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is available in 10 models and five assorted colours like Metallic Silky Silver, Metallic Magma Grey, Pearly Arctic White, Pearl Metallic Auburn Red, and Pearl Metallic Oxford. Recently, Maruti declared that it would append the base diesel variant of the Ertiga in the coming time. Moreover, Maruti Suzuki is certain to halt the manufacturing of the base LDI option that is valued at Rs 8.84 lakh (ex-showroom). Therefore, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga will now be available in the market in a total of 9 models, including two petrol automatic variants.

Maruti Ertiga Price

Maruti Ertiga Price


For the petrol version of Maruti Ertiga, the ex-showroom Mumbai price begins at Rs. 7.4 lakh for petrol and go up to Rs. 9.9 lakh. The ex-showroom Mumbai price of Maruti Ertiga diesel version starts at Rs. 8.8 lakh and the high-end diesel model is valued at Rs. 10.9 lakh. Maruti Ertiga is available in 10 variants and 5 colours.


Maruti Ertiga Variants Price List [October 2020]



Ex-Showroom Price

Ertiga LXI Petrol

Rs. 7.44 lakh

19.3 kmpl | Petrol | Manual


Ertiga VXI Petrol

Rs. 8.16 lakh

19.3 kmpl | Petrol | Manual


Ertiga LDI

Rs. 8.84 lakh

25.5 kmpl | Diesel | Manual


Ertiga ZXI Petrol

Rs. 8.99 lakh

19.3 kmpl | Petrol | Manual


Ertiga VXI AT Petrol

Rs. 9.18 lakh

18.7 kmpl | Petrol | Automatic


Ertiga ZXI Plus Petrol

Rs. 9.50 lakh

19.3 kmpl | Petrol | Manual


Ertiga VDI

Rs. 9.56 lakh

25.5 kmpl | Diesel | Manual


Ertiga ZXI AT Petrol

Rs. 9.95 lakh

18.7 kmpl | Petrol | Automatic


Ertiga ZDI

Rs. 10.39 lakh

25.5 kmpl | Diesel | Manual


Ertiga ZDI Plus

Rs. 10.90 lakh

25.5 kmpl | Diesel | Manual


Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Price by City

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Price by City



Rs. 8.66 - 13.28 Lakh



Rs. 8.94 - 13.5 Lakh



Rs. 8.59 - 13.15 Lakh



Rs. 8.72 - 13.03 Lakh



Rs. 8.66 - 13.06 Lakh



Rs. 8.2 - 13.28 Lakh



Rs. 8.48 - 13.28 Lakh

Maruti Ertiga Review

Maruti Ertiga Review


Manufactured on a brand-new chassis, the Gen 2.0 of Ertiga is bold and robust in all dimensions, and because of that, it is now roomier than the previous version. Maruti Ertiga is now available in 2 engine choices – a freshly designed 105hp, and a strong petrol engine of 1,462cc, and notable diesel engine of 90hp 1,248cc. Both these engines are robust and have 5-speed manual gears. The petrol variant received a traditional torque converter for 4-speed automatic type of engine. An all-new petrol-CNG model and the brand-new in-house manufactured diesel engine of 95hp, 1498cc is most probable to launch soon.


The pricing of the petrol version of Ertiga’s is very competitive. The price of manual shift versions starts at Rs 7.44 lakh and goes up to 9.50 lakh, and for the automatic version, the prices starts at Rs 9.18-9.95 lakhs.


Moreover, at this value in the scarce market of MPV, Ertiga does not have direct competition. At Rs. 8.8-10.9 lakh, the diesel version is a tad bit pricey, notably taking into account the Rs 1.40 lakh more it charges above the petrol version; however, it still is cheaper than its competitors – Renault Lodgy (Rs 8.6-12.2 lakh) and Mahindra Marazzo (Rs 9.9-14.3 lakh) by a vital margin. Hence, it is available for a considerable amount of money for what it delivers, and everyone can definitely consider this while making a decision.


The brand-new 7.0-inch SmartPlay infotainment system comes with car navigation, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and Mirrorlink. Maruti has just taken care of all the fundamentals with the brand-new Ertiga. Furthermore, it receives ABS with EBD, speed-sensing door locks, dual airbags, child seat mounts, and rear parking sensors. This is uniform across all models right from the base variant. Moreover, you get projector headlamps, 50:50 split recline third row, central locking system and power windows across the range.

Maruti Ertiga RTO Registration

Maruti Ertiga RTO Registration


It is obligatory for all the motor vehicle drivers to get their vehicles RTO registered. In India, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) makes sure that every motor vehicle running in India is registered for safety and to convey better services. Positioned across many areas of India, RTOs provide a range of services related to vehicles. However, one of their key functions is motor vehicle registration.


A few services that RTO provides in connection to vehicles are:


  • Permanent registration of automobiles
  • Temporary registration of cars
  • Extinction of hypothecation or some hire-purchase/ bad rental contract
  • Issue of no argument document
  • Possession transfer.
  • Entry of hypothecation/ hire-purchase/ rental contract
  • Issue of the approval certificate


Here are the documents required to register a vehicle:


  • No Objection Certificate from RTO and Sales tax clearance certificate (if you are buying the vehicle in one state and registering it in another)
  • Original invoice
  • Sale certificate of the car
  • Valid address proof
  • Temporary registration issued by the dealer
  • PAN card copy
  • Application form CMV20
  • Registration fee
Maruti Ertiga Car Insurance

Maruti Ertiga Car Insurance


Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is simple, luxurious and reasonably priced. Sited as a Life Utility Vehicle (LUV), the Maruti Ertiga conveniently hosts seven passengers. This car proves to be the best choice for both city commute and faraway tour destinations. The base model - Ertiga LXi acquires tons of new features in addition to sufficient boot space and leg-room. Cautious designing allows for generous miscellaneous storage, assisting you to take care of everything from cups to daily accessories, with ease. This comes in handy, especially when touring a long distance. If you are looking for a multi-purpose car at a budget, then the Ertiga LXi is the car for you!


Make sure to check out Royal Sundaram’s comprehensive yet cheap car insurance plans when purchasing your brand-new Ertiga, and opt for a right car insurance plan that suits your needs well and make purchasing your insurance a ride more economical, just like your car!

Alternate Car Brands in India

Alternate Car Brands in India


The Maruti Suzuki Ertiga stands strong against the Mahindra Marazzo, Toyota Innova Crysta, Honda BRV, Maruti Vitara Brezza and Hyundai Creta in the LUV, SUV segment.


The Avg. Ex-Showroom prices of the alternate car brands are mentioned below:


  • Mahindra Marazzo

10.18 Lakh onwards

  • Toyota Innova Crysta

14.93 Lakh onwards

  • Honda BRV

9.51 Lakh onwards

  • Maruti Vitara Brezza

7.68 Lakh onwards

  • Hyundai Creta

9.60 Lakh onwards



Royal Sundaram assumes no responsibility on the correctness of the information related to the vehicle and advise the customers to verify the details from the sources/websites of the respective OEMs.

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