Tata Bolt

Tata Bolt

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Introducing Tata Bolt

Introducing Tata Bolt


The latest car launched from the Tata Motors under the segment HorizoNext is Tata Bolt! Tata Bolt will be launched to proffer greater value and importance in the hatchback sector and steer clear of being synonymous with 'taxi' as this car will be completely different. The Tata Bolt is performing amazing and achieving fame in the commuter car market, and the all-new model of the hatch is considered to make it perform even better in the market.


The Tata Bolt - the most up-to-date hatch from the Tata Motors family - Tata Bolt is built on the X11 platform. Tata Bolt is introduced in the markets in two options to choose from, petrol and diesel models. The petrol variant is driven by the extraordinary 1.2 liter Revotron engine. It produces a respectable power of 83.8 BHP. The torque created by this engine is 140 Nm. Conversely, the diesel variant rocks a 1.3 liter Quadrajet engine that generates a power of 75 BHP, and it comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox.


 The all-new Tata Bolt is now available in 5 colour options: Venetian Red, Pristine White, Sky Grey, Platinum Silver, and Titanium Grey.

Tata Bolt Price

Tata Bolt Price


The avg. ex-showroom price in New Delhi of Tata Bolt starts at ₹ 5.23 Lakhs and goes up to ₹ 6.78 Lakhs. The avg. ex-showroom price in New Delhi of Petrol model of Tata Bolt starts at ₹ 6.47 Lakhs. The avg. ex-showroom price in New Delhi of Diesel model of Tata Bolt starts at ₹ 7.76 Lakhs.



Ex-Showroom Price

Bolt XE Petrol

Rs. 5.23 lakh

17.6 kmpl | Petrol | Manual


Bolt XM Petrol

Rs. 5.85 lakh

17.6 kmpl | Petrol | Manual


Bolt XMS Petrol

Rs. 6.09 lakh

17.6 kmpl | Petrol | Manual


Bolt XE Diesel

Rs. 6.47 lakh

23 kmpl | Diesel | Manual


Bolt XT Petrol

Rs. 6.78 lakh

17.6 kmpl | Petrol | Manual


Bolt XM Diesel

Rs. 6.95 lakh

23 kmpl | Diesel | Manual


Bolt XMS Diesel

Rs. 7.05 lakh

23 kmpl | Diesel | Manual


Bolt XT Diesel

Rs. 7.76 lakh

23 kmpl | Diesel | Manual


Tata Bolt Price by City

Tata Bolt Price by City



Rs. 6.11 - 9.17 Lakh



Rs. 6.25 - 9.25 Lakh



Rs. 5.91 - 8.76 Lakh



Rs. 5.98 - 8.9 Lakh



Rs. 6.02 - 9.08 Lakh



Rs. 5.97 - 8.69 Lakh



Rs. 5.9 - 8.8 Lakh

Tata Bolt Review

Tata Bolt Review


Having introduced in January 2015, the Tata Bolt car falls under the B-segment vehicles. The Tata Bolt car shares almost all of its features with its elder sibling, the Tata Zest. Assessed in the ex-showroom Delhi price range of Rs 4.7 lakhs-Rs 7.3 lakhs, the all-new Tata Bolt is obtainable in four amazing models- XMS, XE, XM, and XT models.


Tata Bolt can now be owned with either a 1.2-liter petrol engine - turbocharged Revotron that produces 90PS/140Nm or a 1.3-liter diesel engine - Quadra-jet that produces 75PS/190Nm. Both these high performing engines come mated to a manual 5-speed gear transmission. The Tata Bolt proffers a decent mileage of 17.57kmpl in its petrol version and 22.95kmpl in the diesel model. However, Tata Bolt isn’t available in the market with an automatic transmission option.


The all-new Tata Bolt is equipped with modern-day features and accessories like projector headlamps, computerised climate control, for ease and comfort this car comes with steering-mounted audio controls, volume control that is dependent on speed, modern Harman touch screen system, and for added safety, the vehicle comes equipped with 2 front airbags and anti-lock braking system with EBD. The all-new Tata Bolt stands strong against cars like Hyundai Grand i10, Maruti Suzuki Swift and Ford Figo among several other contestants.


The all-new Tata Bolt is now launched in 3 amazingly convenient power modes – City mode, Economical mode, and Sports mode. These modes adapt and adjust the engine performance as and when required. By default, Tata Bolt is at all times in City mode that ensures that it has a balance of power and efficiency. The turbo mode of this car spools at around 1,800rpm and the power delivery are linear. The prime advantage of the adapting engine in this car is the best-in-class torque.

Tata Bolt RTO Registration

Tata Bolt RTO Registration


Purchasing a car is a dream come true for most Indians. In order to be able to drive a car in India, it is imperative for an individual to go through the vehicle registration process. These are the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.


Certificates and documents needed for the successful registration of vehicle at the Regional Transport Office nearer to your place:


  • Original Invoice of the vehicle
  • Application form for registration of the vehicle - Form 20
  • Address and age proof
  • Photographs of Passport size
  • A Temporary Registration Number
  • Sales certificate of the vehicle - Form 21
  • Roadworthiness certificate - Form 22
  • Vehicle insurance
  • PUC certificate


The owner of the vehicle will be required to visit the RTO near him along with the above-listed documents. The required documents have to be presented, and the appropriate application fees have to be paid by the owner.


To get a car registered, a user needs to pay a certain amount to the RTO.

Tata Bolt Car Insurance

Tata Bolt Car Insurance



The newest hatch from the Tata Motors family - the Tata Bolt. Tata Bolt is erected on the X11 platform. Tata Bolt is launched in the markets in 2 alternatives to choose from, petrol variant and diesel variant. The petrol model is driven by the remarkable 1.2 liter Revotron engine. It yields a decent power of 83.8 BHP. The torque generated by this engine is 140 Nm. However, the diesel model dons a 1.3 liter Quadra-jet engine that yields a power of 75 BHP. It is also equipped with 5-speed manual gearbox - TA-65.


Once you have purchased your brand-new Tata Bolt, ensure for yourself and your family a smooth and hassle-free drive by investing in a trustworthy Car Insurance from Royal Sundaram. Users can now avail the service of generating a quote for their car online. All you have to do is share your car information and capacity of your engine. You are now just a few minutes away from securing your car. Fill the form now to get started.

Tata Bolt Alternatives

Tata Bolt Alternatives


Tata Bolt is set in the most aggressive car segment, the hatchback. Hence, it is easy to find other capable options.

Before buying the Tata Bolt, one must also look at the other options available:

Tata Tiago
Price starts at 4.27 Lakh
Maruti Baleno
Price starts at 5.55 Lakh
Maruti Swift
Price starts at 4.99 Lakh
Tata Zest
Price starts at 5.72 Lakh
Tata Nexon
Price starts at 6.49 Lakh

The prices mentioned above are avg. off-showroom.



Royal Sundaram assumes no responsibility on the correctness of the information related to the vehicle and advise the customers to verify the details from the sources/websites of the respective OEMs.

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