Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

When it comes to a luxurious hybrid car, Toyota Prius has built a reputation for providing ultimate comfort and efficiency. In the latest upgrade, Toyota Prius has received a facelift. A few other exterior updates include fog lamps with DRLs and LED headlamps. However, the interior has received a few improvements too, like a new information cluster, a touchscreen operator and ten speaker music player. EBD enabled ABS with traction control are new additions.


On the exterior, the bumpers are made wider, and the bonnet has received an amazing design upgrade. Leather seats, chrome handles and indicator that notifies on eco-driving are just a few more added features after the upgrade of the car. A mileage of 26.27 kilometres per litre is what the car achieves.


Toyota Prius comes with a good range of colour options like Emotional Red, Attitude Black Mica, Grey, Silver, Dark Blue Mica, Super White II and White Pearl Crystal Shine.

Toyota Prius Price

Toyota Prius Price

Toyota Prius an uber luxurious car, which makes it expensive at the same time. The ex-showroom price of the Toyota Prius in New Delhi is Rs. 45.09 Lakh* and the ex-showroom price of the car in Mumbai is Rs. 45.53 Lakh*. In Chennai, the ex-showroom price is Rs. 45.98 Lakh*.


Toyota Prius Variants Price List



Price (Ex-showroom price New Delhi)


Rs. 45.09 Lakh*

Toyota Prius Price by City

Toyota Prius Price by City


On-Road Price



Rs. 53.03 Lakh


Rs. 58.26 Lakh


Rs. 55.39 Lakh


Rs. 54.73 Lakh


Rs. 57.15 Lakh


Rs. 51.33 Lakh


Rs. 56.05 Lakh

Toyota Prius Review

Toyota Prius Review


Toyota Prius has received an update in 2018. The car company planned to revive the car in its segment. In doing so, Toyota added some major features in the car like three modes of driving. This feature enables the driver to operate in any of the modes which are EV, Power and Eco. Another notable feature is LED and DRL headlights. They are very helpful in giving the car more security. The car comes with the system of Hybrid Synergy Drive. The system helps by bringing together the advantages of the clean motor and gasoline engine. The three added features are what make Toyota Prius a good option.


Some of the other advantages of Toyota Prius are the hybrid system, the driving quality of the car is an excellent experience, and the interiors of the car are luxurious and expansive at the same time. The car delivers a mileage of 26.27 kilometres per, which is great for a car in the uber-sedan segment. However, the car comes with a few disadvantages too, the on-road cost of the car is on the expensive side. The maintenance charges are very high. The speed that the car offers is not up to mark.


Toyota has made some changes to Prius, which can make it a strong force in the segment. The hybrid system, marvellous exteriors and amazing interiors make the car a great purchase. The styling upgrades, a smart engine and a suave driving experience make Toyota Prius an extremely eye-catching prospect.

Toyota Prius Car Insurance

Toyota Prius Car Insurance


Anyone looking to buy a car has to purchase insurance. Just like RTO registration, an owner has to buy an insurance policy. Insurance too is made compulsory by the government. Car dealers normally suggest a policy while a person is making a purchase.


However, it is better if the buyer is actively looking for options. Royal Sundaram can provide benefits that will be helpful for any car owner. Some of the benefits are covered for damage or loss of the car. Instant settlement for damages made by oneself dealing with car insurance. A cover of Rs. 7.5 Lakh for third party property damage.

Toyota Prius RTO Registration / Car Registration

Toyota Prius RTO Registration / Car Registration


Just like any other vehicle, the person who wants to buy a Toyota Prius has to get it registered with RTO. It is a compulsory step that every car owner has to take. Normally, this process is divided into 2 steps.


The first step is to get temporary registration for the car. A car dealer provides the temporary registration for the vehicle for the initial few days. The owner has to collect documents in that timeframe.


The second step is to get permanent registration. The owner has to apply for it while the car has a temporary registration. After submitting important documents, the vehicle receives a permanent registration.

Alternate Car Brands In India

Alternate Car Brands In India


Given Toyota Prius's features and cost, there is hardly any car that can be called its competitors. However, its hybrid system and the smart engine can only be compared to a brand like Hyundai Accord hybrid. But other than that, there are no other cars that can directly compete with Toyota Prius.

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