Apache RTR 180

Apache RTR 180

In 2019, TVS launched the 2019 version of Apache called RTR 180. The bike came with the ABS of a single channel. Apart from a few interior and exterior changes, the newer version is not much different from its previous models. The instrument cluster has got a refreshing look, handlebar ends that are forged and a luxurious seat cover.


An LCD display is fitted in the instrument panel; it shows odometer, speedometer, two trip meters, fuel gauge, lap timer, and clock. The alloy wheels, exhaust, and the engine are completely painted black. The motor of the Apache RTR 180 is a 177.4 CC. It is four-stroke, single cylinder engine.


The 2019 Apache RTR 180 comes with new color varieties which include Gloss Black, T Grey, Pearl White, Matte Blue, and Matte Red. The mileage that is claimed by the company is 47 kilometer per liter. The engine generates 15.5 Nm torque and power of 17.5 PS.

Apache RTR 180 Price

Apache RTR 180 Price


TVS Apache RTR 180 comes in 2 variants- front, rear disc and front, rear disc and ABS. Their price range is between Rs. 85,405 to Rs. 91,291. The front, rear disc costs Rs. 85,405 (Ex showroom price Delhi). The front, rear disc, and ABS are charged Rs. 91,291 (Ex showroom price Delhi).


TVS Apache RTR 180 Variants



Price (Ex showroom Delhi)

Front Rear Disc

Rs. 85,405

Front Rear Disc and ABS

Rs. 91,291

TVS Apache RTR 180 Price by City

TVS Apache RTR 180 Price by City



Rs. 85,261 - 91,291



Rs. 84,611 - 90,641



Rs. 85,132 - 91,162



Rs. 84,611 - 90,641



Rs. 86,017 - 92,047



Rs. 85,852 - 91,882



Rs. 87,227 - 93,257

TVS Apache RTR 180 Review

TVS Apache RTR 180 Review


On the exterior front, TVS Apache RTR 180 has received upgrades on the instrument panel. The display of the panel is LCD. Things like a clock, lap timer, and speed meter are visible on the panel. On the interior side, the engine is 177.4 CC. The power that the engine generates is 17.5 PS and a maximum torque of 15.5 Nm.


Just like its previous versions which extracted an uncomfortable posture, even the current seating design of the bike causes discomfort to riders. The seat and handlebars are perfect for a city ride; however, the foot stands are away from the normal position, which leads to unease during longer rides. The look of the bike does evoke a sporty appearance but fails to deliver a comfortable ride.


TVS Apache RTR 180 is almost the same to Apache RTR 160’s chassis and suspension. The only major differences are its wheels and wheelbase. The length of the RTR 180’s wheelbase is increased by 26 mm in comparison to RTR 160. The current length of the wheelbase is 1326 mm. The increase has helped RTR 180 to become a much more stable bike on the road.


More and more bike companies are promoting their bikes based on their performance. The TVS Apache RTR 180 faces tough competition from its competitor, Pulsar 220 DTSi..However,  the Pulsar 180 loses out by a margin to TVS Apache RTR 180 due to the latter’s more powerful engine. Given its price range, the performance of RTR 180 is very good.

TVS Apache RTR 180 Bike Insurance

TVS Apache RTR 180 Bike Insurance


There are many benefits of buying a Royal Sundaram bike insurance for TVS Apache RTR 180. The insurer stands to receive claim settlement within ten working days. If the insurer’s bike meets an accident, they can receive an owner- driver coverage of up to Rs. 15 Lakh. Third party property and life damage, and comprehensive coverage for accessories, bike are also provided with the insurance.


Situations that are covered are external harm, riot, storm, strike, landslide, burglary, earthquake, flood, and malicious act. Buying insurance comes handy in times of accidents. Often repairing the damage can cost a huge amount but with insurance that can be covered.

Two-Wheeler Insurance for TVS Variants

Two-Wheeler Insurance for TVS Variants


TVS Apache RTR 180 RTO Registration/Bike Registration

TVS Apache RTR 180 RTO Registration/Bike Registration


The process for receiving RTO registration is simple. Every bike owner has to undergo an RTO registration, and there are no exceptions to it. Registration is looked after by the Regional Transport Office.


The first step of the procedure is getting a temporary registration. It is provided by the bike dealer, who registers a vehicle temporarily. The validity of the temporary registration is only available for a few days. During that period, every bike owner has to apply for a permanent registration, which is provided by RTO. The owner has to furnish a list of documents which serves as proof of the bike ownership. The charges of bike registration are different in every state.

Alternate Bike Brands in India

Alternate Bike Brands in India


The segment that Apache RTR is placed in sees a huge competition. Bajaj, Hero, and Honda, all have their bikes placed in the same segment.


  • Bajaj Pulsar 180

    Rs. 85, 523( Ex showroom price Mumbai )

  • TVS Apache RTR 160

    Rs. 80, 670 ( Ex showroom price Mumbai )

  • TVS Apache RTR 160 4V

    Rs. 83, 145 ( Ex showroom price Mumbai )



Royal Sundaram assumes no responsibility on the correctness of the information related to the vehicle and advise the customers to verify the details from the sources/websites of the respective OEMs.

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