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Travel related risks while you are in a foreign country, like an accident abroad, loss of travel documents, hospitalization due to sickness/accident can turn out to be quite disturbing and at the same time expensive. Besides the protocol and procedures to be followed in the respective country and the corresponding anxious moments and unnecessary worries it can have on the traveler, it can also give a considerable financial burden.

Royal Sundaram brings to you “Travel Secure”, which is a comprehensive Travel Insurance Plan which offers holistic travel insurance solutions to every discerning traveler.

Travel Plans Available

Plans Available

These coverages are designed to enhance the level of protection offered in the basic cover.

Leisure Trip

A comprehensive plan for a holiday abroad, with SI starting from 50,000 USD up to 10 lac USD.

Multi Trip

A customized annual plan for frequent business travelers who undertake multiple trips in a year.


A very useful annual plan for all students going abroad for studies, duration of which can be from 1 to 7 years.


An affordable plan exclusively for travel within Asia.

Senior Citizen

A tailor made plan for members aged 71 and above.

Key Features

Key Features

Coverage from Country perspective
Coverage is available for travel to countries for which a valid visa has been obtained. From a country perspective, we have classified our coverage under the following options.

  • Worldwide including Americas (Americas include North, Central, South America and Canada. Option to include Schengen countries)
  • Worldwide excluding Americas (Option to include Schengen countries)
  • Asia* (excluding Korea and Japan)

(* Coverage to Korea and Japan shall be available under Worldwide including/excluding Americas category)

Age Eligibility

Age Eligibility


Plans Adult Children
Leisure, Multi trip and Asia plans Minimum entry age is 18 years. Maximum entry age is 70 years at the commencement date of the Policy. If the Insured Person completes 70 years during the Period of insurance, then the insurance will continue until expiry of the policy or his/her return to Republic of India whichever is earlier. The minimum entry age under this policy is 91 days.
Senior Citizen Plan Minimum entry age is 71 years. There is no maximum entry age. N.A.
Student Plan Maximum entry age is 40 years at the commencement date of the policy Minimum entry age is 12 years
Key Benefits (New)

Key Benefits

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Travel Tips


Tips for Travel Insurance.

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Travel Insurance Product Brouchure

Product Brochure

Proposal Form

Travel Insurance Schema

Travel Terms and Condition

Policy Terms and Conditions

We request you to carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions, before you buy the Policy. All claims are processed strictly according to it. Please speak or chat with our Customer Support Team, if you need any clarification.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. The declaration about your health and other information provided during process of policy purchase becomes basis of the contract.