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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance


Gaining new experiences is one of the most essential aspects of life. Travelling possesses the power to transform us; it serves as a stimulant to the body and the mind and brings about a heightened sense of joy in our lives. So, whether it is a vacation that you are looking forward to or a business trip, travelling overseas is surely an exciting affair and one you need to be prepared for. Opting for a travel insurance plan protects you from unforeseen circumstances that include medical and non-medical emergencies.
It is all about being proactive and ensuring that you do not experience any form of discomfort, especially when you are away from your native country. Designed to secure you from risks, Royal Sundaram’s Overseas Travel Plan offers total coverage against loss of baggage, any form of baggage delays, flight delays, loss of essential documents and medical expenses, at the most affordable rates. The packages offered by Royal Sundaram ensure that all your trips are risk and hassle-free.

Who can be insured?

This comprehensive package can insure infants over 90 days old and adults, up to the age of 70 years, for all their trips outside of the country.  Before you apply for the plan, you need to clarify the purpose of your visit, as these plans are not available for immigration or education overseas.

The duration of the Cover

There are two types of plans that you can choose from, as per your need: Single Trip plans and Multi-Trip Plans..

1. Single Trip Travel Insurance

This comprehensive plan commences as soon as you board the flight for your trip and is valid until you return. The cover may also cease in accordance with your insurance period, i.e., the duration for which the premium has been paid. You can avail this cover for a period of 180 days.


2. Multi Trip Travel Insurance

This plan is an annual insurance plan that is valid for a period of 365 days. This means you can enjoy innumerable trips throughout the year but under one simple condition: The duration of your trips should not exceed 45 days. Also, in order to avail this cover, you need to ensure that the total number of days spent abroad should not exceed 180 days. 


The coverage provided by Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

1. Health Cover

Good health is extremely important, especially while traveling in a foreign country. But there is nothing to worry because Royal Sundaram covers your complete health expenses if any, on the trip. The plan includes:
  • Overseas Medical Covers of up to US$ 150,000.
  • Security against unexpected emergency surgeries, diagnostic tests (such as X-Ray, blood tests, scans) and medical aid prescribed by the attending physician
  • Covers emergencies and essential dental treatments
  • Bears the cost of transportation during medical emergencies
2. Inconvenience caused during the trip

If you are a frequent traveller, then you must be well aware of the possibilities of delays, loss of luggage, etc. In order to combat these situations, Royal Sundaram’s Travel Insurance has solutions that allow you to travel worry-free. Here’s what it includes:
  • Total coverage for loss of checked-in baggage
  • Coverage for delays of checked-in baggage which includes reimbursement for emergency purchase of clothing and toiletries, up to a certain limit  
  • Coverage for loss of travel documents  which includes reimbursements and reissuing duplicate documents
  • You can also avail hijack distress allowance under this scheme
3. Home Insurance

This package provides a unique coverage for your home/residence in India, up to Rs. 2 Lakh. It is essential in case of house breaks, fire related incidents, theft, etc. while you are on a trip abroad. Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance is one of the very few insurers to cover Home Insurance in India. This helps you travel worry-free and with complete peace of mind.


4. Automatic Extension

You can avail the facility of automatic extension, where your insurance period is extended by another 7 days before the eventual expiration date. This is useful especially during times when there is an unexpected delay that cannot be avoided.


5. Personal Liability

Royal Sundaram will provide a cover of up to US$ 200,000, if you become a legal liability to a third party abroad.


6. Personal Accident

Royal Sundaram provides cover in case of an unfortunate accident. This coverage is available for disabilities, as well as deaths.


7. Repatriation of remains

Compensation is provided for the transportation of mortal remains to one’s own country, in case of an unfortunate and untimely death of the insured.


For more details about the coverage and exclusions, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Learn about more features and benefits of Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance 


Buy Travel Insurance Policy Online:

  • Click on the Travel Insurance Quote link and you will be redirected to our secure webpage to purchase the policy
  • You must enter your personal details (name, contact details, etc.) and click on Proceed to Continue.
  • The next page will provide you with details such as queries regarding the inclusion of USA/Canada, whether you require insurance for a Single Trip or Multiple Trips, details of the travellers, the insurance plan, etc. You can click on Calculate Premium after furnishing the required information.
  • Our online calculator will calculate the premium based on your inputs and eventually display the quote in the corresponding page
  • If you wish to continue, please click on Proceed. Please note down the Quote ID for Travel Shield Online. If you wish to continue later, you can mention the ID and continue buying the policy
  • You will be directed to the Additional Information page. Please furnish your Passport Number and mention if you suffer from any pre-existing diseases. You must also enter details of the nominee, etc. Click on Proceed to continue
  • Please furnish your address for communication in the next page. Please note: All important communication regarding your policy will be sent to this address. Click on View Summary after entering relevant information
  • You will be directed to the Summary page. Please check the details displayed on the page. The same will be mentioned in your policy. After the verification process, please click on Proceed to Pay for the eventual purchase

The policy is available instantly, as soon as you complete the online formalities. You can eventually print and enjoy the perks offered by Royal Sundaram Travel Shield Online!
Save cash and receive an instant travel insurance quote, from the comfort of your home. Or feel free to call one of our dedicated insurance advisors for help at: 094444 48899.

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Travel Insurance
15 Apr 2016

It is so convenient to buy travel insurance policy by Royal Sundaram with quick processing time and less documentation and 24x7 help from their online executives.

07 Apr 2016

While travelling to Maldives my luggage got lost due to mismanaging at by airport officials. Thanks to Royal Sundaram's Travel insurance Plan which covered total loss of checked in baggage.

12 Mar 2016

Buying an international travel policy is so much easier with Royal Sundaram. The executives are so patient and answer each and every queries.

09 Mar 2016

The live chat service was prompt. The Executive John who dealt with my query, were precise in giving details about travel insurance policy. They made sure that they explain me everything regarding policy and its term & condition. Thank you for making my purchase so easy.

02 Mar 2016

Had a best experience with my Royal Sundaram health insurance policy that I opted for their travel insurance policy while travelling abroad. Best service! Great work! Keep it Up!

17 Feb 2016

Got my claim settled in quick time. Thanks to the team for helping me out.

13 Feb 2016

Bought travel policy a day before we went on holidays. Thanks for easy online process on website.

13 Feb 2016

I have recently taken travel insurance policy from Royal Sundaram. Customer executive was very supportive about my requirement and helped me with the entire process.

10 Feb 2016

Purchasing travel insurance from website is bad. Looking forward for the best good service.

20 Jan 2016

Had an Awesum experience with Royal Sundaram Travel insurance policy. I would not hesitate to renew the policy again.

18 Dec 2015

My luggage got misplaced by the airlines while I was traveling to Singapore. Thanks to Royal Sundram’s Travel Insurance that covered my luggage loss and reimbursed me.

22 Nov 2015

Average site to buy travel insurance thank u!

30 Oct 2015

I am a past user of your Travel Insurance and find your site extremely user friendly

19 Aug 2015

Very easy to buy online policy and it just took less than 5 mins to buy my travel insurance.

11 Aug 2015

I am your existing customer for car insurance. Now i am associated with Royal Sundaram with Travel Insurance policy too.

06 Aug 2015

How good r u in settling claims? Hope I don't have to use the travel insurance for any claim. God Bless.

28 Jul 2015

The service for purchase of travel insurance online is easy. Your assistance from customer care is also good. thanking you.

25 Jul 2015

I must praise the executive who guided me step by step on online completion of the purchase of travel insurance policy. I came to know about it after my email query was replied by ur rep. Thanks

22 Jul 2015

Getting this travel insurance policy through online found easy.

21 Jul 2015

Travel Insurance online buying process was very smooth and fast. Hopefully claims process will be just as efficient if it comes to that.

20 Jul 2015

Feel satisfied in going through this online process while getting travel insurance policy.

18 Jul 2015

Nice experience while getting my travel policy..hope to receive best of the service as well..

17 Jul 2015

Travel Insurance made easy. Excellent service by Royal Sundaram Team.

17 Jul 2015

Excellent response and simple and accurate system. Got my travel insurance hassle free.

17 Jul 2015

Not many travel insurance companies are quoting for 61 years and above.Thanks Royal Sundaram - Good Job.

16 Jul 2015

Travel Insurance online purchase option was clear enough to avoid confusion. The way the proposal form designed that clarifies my doubts without reaching customer care. No comment on claim yet.

15 Jul 2015

Excellent Travel Insurance Buying Experience. Will recommended royal sundaram to my friends and family.

14 Jul 2015

I am quite happy with the process and support from staff while getting the travel insurance policy.

25 Jun 2015

Good to buy travel insurance easily. Hopefully the claim processing, if necessary, will also be done so comfortably.

16 Jun 2015

Happy to be have Travel Insurance policy from Royal Sundaram. Cheers and 5 star ratings.

13 Jun 2015

Good Service for buying the car insurance policy online. I have no experience yet in regard to the claim.

08 Jun 2015

I already have insurance policies for car and health from Royal Sundaram. Now i am getting Travel Insurance from you.

02 Jun 2015

Easy way to get travel insurance online.

28 Apr 2015

I have been availing travel Insurence from Royal Alliance for the last 3 years, every year for 6 months.It is very simple to select the package,make payment and get online policy.I had refund once in 2013,which I got after submitting requiste papers.although the compensation was far less then what I paid but rates in India are too low as compared to cost of medical facilities in USA. This year again I will avail their services.Thanks to Royal Sundaram for good services.

12 Apr 2015

It is good to get travel insurance policy from Royal Sundaram. The process was very quick.

09 Apr 2015

Got my Travel Insurance policy from Royal Sundaram. Easy and Hassle free purchase of the insurance online.

07 Apr 2015
New Delhi

Easy process , hope the travel policy is as good as advertised .

04 Apr 2015

I am an old customer. However so far no experience of making any claim on travel policies i hold. I hope it will be good.

04 Apr 2015

User friendly website, the executive were polite and guided me in taking the travel insurance policy easily.

27 Mar 2015

Fantastic and fast approach. Competitive Rates on travel insurance. Strongly recommend Royal Sundaram.

27 Mar 2015
Navi Mumbai

Got Travel policy. I like the overall process which was fast, efficient and hassle free.

25 Mar 2015

During the purchase of Travel Insurance policy, your officer was extremely helpful and courteous. She helped me in each stage with continuous support through phone. Her work is commendable.

24 Mar 2015

Very good experience. I hope same kind of service will be provided in case of any travel insurance claims.

19 Mar 2015

Great experience, just at a click i was able to take online travel insurance policy.

17 Mar 2015

I am an existing travel insurance customer of Royal Sundaram.

17 Mar 2015
New Delhi

Your rep contacted immediately and guided me in getting my Travel Insurance policy. Keep up the good work.

17 Mar 2015

Thanks for a hassle free experience in getting my travel policy.

10 Mar 2015

Amazing service provided by Team. Happy to be associated with Royal Sundaram Travel insurance.

07 Mar 2015

The team is extremely helpful while purchasing my travel insurance policy and user friendly site.

05 Mar 2015
New Delhi

Am old customer of Royal Sundaram; My Health Policy, Wife's Travel Insurance policy, etc. all from Royal Sundaram. Would highly recommend Royal Sundaram to my friends.

05 Mar 2015

I already have Royal Sundaram Hospitalisation policies, for ages... Now i bought a Travel insurance policy with them.

04 Mar 2015

I am having a Travel Insurance policy from Royal Sundaram. Very happy with the overall experience on customer services.

03 Mar 2015

Good experience getting a Travel Insurance policy online.

02 Mar 2015

I am a Regular client of Sundaram Group. Happy to have Travel Insurance policy with Royal Sundaram.

28 Feb 2015

Its nice to get Travel Insurance policy from royal sundaram

27 Feb 2015

Got Travel Insurance from Royal Sundaram. Looking forward for best service from Royal Sundaram.

26 Feb 2015

Good to start with Royal Sundaram's Travel Insurance , let us c how it runs.

24 Feb 2015

Purchased my travel insurance policy from Royal sundaram. Very user friendly portal and service.

24 Feb 2015

Online transaction for travel insurance policies through Royal Sundaram has been really good and very easy.Thanks and keep up the good work.

14 Feb 2015

Cheapest insurance so best travel insurance provided by Royal Sundaram.

08 Feb 2015

Thanks for a smooth, easy experience and the support provided by the team while purchasing my Travel Insurance Policy.

06 Feb 2015

Over all nice and easy Travel Insurance purchase process.

06 Feb 2015

Very user friendly website... premium rates are very minimum .. strongly recommend Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance to all travellers.

03 Feb 2015

Good Travel Policy provided by Royal Sundaram with reasonable premium.

02 Feb 2015

Reliable company and quickly paid and got the travel insurance.

20 Jan 2015

Superb Coordination with your call back executive. Excellent Service, very calm and sincere attention. Satisfied getting Travel Insurance Policy from Royal Sundaram.

17 Jan 2015

I am holding 2 policies for my house in Chennai. This home insurance is for my brother in law who is living in Pondicherry.

10 Oct 2014

Excellent system. We are pleased to have your travel insurance policy. We wish same help will be received to us when needed at Singapore in emergency.

09 Oct 2014

Excellent system. We are pleased to have your travel insurance policy. We wish same help will be received to us when needed at Singapore in emergency.

25 Feb 2014

Being a customer for Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company almost a decade, and tough I did not get the opportunity for any claim for my family health insurance and overseas travel insurance, I am happy that I have chosen a reliable Insurance company in return who will be a big helping hand when I am in need.

12 Feb 2014

Purchasing the policy was a smooth affair, I did all through online and help was available whenever I needed. The price was the best in the market, I did lot of research and comparison before zeroing in on Royal Sundaram and I am happy to have done a good choice.

11 Jan 2014

Best ever service received in my case, without any minimal procedural delays. I will definitely refer Royal Sundaram to my contacts.

30 Jun 2013

I have been having the Hospital Cash Policy for the past 8 years or so and have made claims only twice. The cheques came very promptly. The service is great. That is why, I have shifted to Royal sundaram this time to buy my Overseas travel Insurance for my whole family.

20 Jun 2013

Great insurance provider, wouldn't hesitate to renew my insurance with them.

15 May 2013

For tension free life "Royal Sundaram Aliance Insurance" is the best option. I'm totally satisfied with the services.

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