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Afghanistan Travel Insurance


A nation that’s a marvel in its ability to stand tall after decades of war and ravage, Afghanistan still resonates with the beauty and wonders that nature and culture have bestowed upon it. It isn’t, no doubt, the easiest country to travel in, but having overcome the initial hiccups and found your way through, you will end up finding it the most charming.

The Kabul Museum encapsulates very well the history of this turbulent nation. Having been one of the greatest museums in the world, virtually exhibiting the history of Asia, with its Hellenistic gold coins to Buddhist statuary and Islamic bronzes, it repeatedly found itself at the core of terrible fights and conflicts. Major parts of the beautiful structure were left destroyed, and many of its contents were looted. But the museum as if a living, breathing entity itself, still continued to stand and is now open for tourists. Remember to take note of the plaque outside the front door of the structure, bravely declaring to the world, ‘A nation stays alive when its culture stays alive’.

Continue your journey with Herat’s Friday Mosque, which is over 800 years old, and one of the finest-looking buildings of Central Asia,characterized by bright colors and intricate detailing.. Also visit the Shrine of Hazrat Ali, one of Afghanistan's most iconic buildings. Devotees come here in large numbers to pay respects to the tomb within. Non-Muslims are forbidden entry, but they may still soak in a brilliant view from the complex that surrounds it.
Obtaining a visa for Afghanistan is fairly straightforward. Indian nationals do not have to pay any fee for it. The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is situated in New Delhi. As you prepare for you trip, make sure you check out Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance for Afghanistan to make your holiday perfect. Find affordable and comprehensive travel insurance for Afghanistan and have the best time of your life while you stay prepared to deal with any untoward incident.

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