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Albania Travel Insurance

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A small country located in the Balkan Peninsula of South Eastern Europe, Albania has slowly begun garnering attention among tourists looking for a quiet weekend getaway in Europe. Albania offers a few good options when it comes to places where one can enjoy some long-deserved peace and serenity, with a large number of beaches in locations such as Sarandë, Vlorë and the Albanian Riviera, to name a few. Thrill-seekers can take a trip to Mount Dajt with its highest snow-clad peak at 1613 m—an absolute marvel to behold during the winter. Lake Skadar is another famous tourist attraction, which is more popular during the summer.

Those looking for a more culture-induced trip should visit the city of Gjirokastër, a certified UNESCO Heritage site that is well known for its unique Ottoman period architecture. Like most other countries in the Balkan, the food is heavily influenced by Turkish cuisine, as exhibited by the popular Byrek, a savoury pie made with ground meat and onion and sometimes flavoured with spinach and feta cheese.

Royal Sundaram offers Travel Insurance Plans that are aptly designed to secure you from untoward incidences on both your journey and subsequent stay. Customers will be excited to hear about our affordable policies that offer cover from inconveniences such as baggage delay, loss of baggage, flight delays and loss of travel documents, as well as unfortunate incidences that would require medical expenses.
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