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Angola Travel Insurance


A country set in southwestern Africa, Angola has been subject to tragic wars and conflicts. With its beautiful landscape, however, it still remains one of the most resplendent places for a holiday. Luanda, a large port city on the northern coast, is the capital of Angola. Its buildings are known for their blend of traditional African architecture styles with Portuguese influences. These aren’t the only contrasts that will strike you in this region. The Atlantic coastline overlooks the Ilha, a splendid pine-fringed sandbar, and forms an acutely distinguishable area of its own when compared to the townships that have overcome a great part of the capital in the last few decades.

Another of Luanda’s architectural marvels is the structure of Fortaleza de São Miguel, whichhouses the Museu Central das Forças Armadas today. Built by the Portuguese in 1576, it is Luanda’s oldest surviving building. If you enjoy this, you are certain to find Museu de Antropologia fascinating as well. Also, check out the Palácio de Ferro, designed by the famous Frenchman Gustave Eiffel in the 1890s, for the Paris Universal Exhibition. After being dismantled, the construction was then brought to Luanda in 1902. The Embassy of Angola is situated at New Delhi in India. Make sure you apply for a visa well before you plan to commence your holiday.

Also, remember to check out Royal Sundaram travel insurance for Angola to make this vacation perfect. Find affordable and comprehensive travel insurance for Angola, with various provisions such as covers for unexpected emergency surgeries, diagnostic tests and much more to help you be prepared for any unforeseen trouble on your trip. and have the best time of your life while you stay prepared to deal with any untoward incident.
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