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Antigua and Barbuda Travel Insurance


Antigua and Barbuda is a country in North America, consisting of several islands, including two which go by the same name. Popular for pleasantly balmy, steady winds over a beautiful coastline, and a gorgeous wall of coral reef, Antigua is the perfect spot for a relaxing, carefree vacation. It is known for hosting the legendary Admiral Horatio Nelson in 1784 when he came here and established one of Great Britain's most crucial Caribbean bases. Today, the same attractions that drew the Royal Navy to these islands bring several tourists here each year.

Famous for water sports ranging from snorkeling to scuba diving, as well as for its serene, secluded beaches, Antigua seems like paradise to all travelers. The island of Barbuda, even though comparatively quite undeveloped, doesn’t lag too far behind with its beautiful bird sanctuaries. Visit them and get charmed. As you make your way around these islands, go to Nelson’s Dockyard, a beautiful site especially for those interested in history. Also visit the Dockyard Museum to find out more about this magnificent region, the dockyard, and the way of life at the forts. Following this, don't forget to visit Rendezvous Bay, one of the country's loveliest as well as most secluded beaches, located just beyond a rainforest.

As you decide that Antigua and Barbuda is the perfect destination for you, make sure you apply for your visa well before you plan to commence your holiday. The Embassy of Antigua and Barbuda is situated in New Delhi in India. Plan this vacation well with Royal Sundaram travel insurance for Antigua and Barbuda. Our affordable and comprehensive travel insurance for Antigua and Barbuda comes with great provisions such as overseas medical covers of up to US$ 150,000, and much more, so you can enjoy your holiday completely without needless worries.
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