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Bermuda Travel Insurance


A British overseas territory but less than two hours of flight time away from U.S. cities like New York, Bermuda is an interesting mix of American and British culture. Contrary to a widely held belief, it is far away from the Caribbean Islands and shares no geological or spatial association with the West Indies. Bermuda is rather an archipelago in the western North Atlantic Ocean and is composed of about 181 islands, islets, and rocks. While most of these locations are uninhabited, there are about 7 central islands that are conveniently connected with each other. Its pleasant climate, subtropical landscape, and pink sand beaches make Bermuda an irresistible holiday destination. Bermuda’s capital is Hamilton.
Bermuda has a splendidly dramatic coastline. One of the most celebrated beaches is the Horseshoe Bay Beach. The unique shade of pink sand here immediately has a soothing effect. A fascinating coral reef surrounds the island at places like Elbow Beach. Go for diving and snorkeling here as you take in the reef surroundings full of vibrant fishes and old shipwrecks. Yachting and kayaking are best experienced in Southampton Parish’s crystal-clear waters. For honeymooners, there are a number of seaside resorts available at Hamilton. Visit the Royal Naval Dockyard to travel back in time when the British Empire ruled over the Atlantic waves. You will get to observe fortifications, wharves, and colonial stone structures. From swimming with dolphins watching massive whales splash in the archipelago’s crystal waters during springtime, Bermuda mustn’t be missed. For citizens of India, Bermuda tourist visa is not required for a stay up to 90 days.

An overseas journey might sometimes plainly go wrong. Before rushing to this beautiful archipelago, ensure you have travel insurance for Bermuda. You will need a travel insurance plan that can cover a range of options, from emergency medical assistance to baggage loss to personal liability. Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Bermuda covers these and many more circumstances.
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