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Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Insurance


For a nation with such a long name, Bosnia and Herzegovina is just about 50,000 sq. km. This is an interestingly heart-shaped nation on the map of southeastern Europe, offering seemingly mythical villages and castles, Christian and Muslim monuments, and lush mountainous landscape. Bosnia and Herzegovina has often been a site of the clash in the past between western and eastern civilizations. The nation emerged out of those clashes as a curious blend of Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman cultures. After a tragic civil war of 1990s, today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina is full of warmth for travelers. It is a region littered with diverse and stunning beauty. Sarajevo is the capital city.
The most famous spot in the whole country is the ‘Stari Most’ or Old Bridge. A UNESCO heritage site, its leaping stone arch is inspiring and immediately takes one back in time. Believed to be constructed between 1557 and 1566, the beautiful stone arch is a sight to behold during sunset or night when it is lit up. A number of cafes and restaurants are available nearby. It is an ideal romantic spot for couples to hang around. The Tunnel Museum marks the spot that was once Sarajevo’s supply lifeline during the siege of 1992–95. Among Herzegovina’s most impressive waterfalls is the Kravica Waterfall. The force of the falls has created a natural pool which is a popular swimming and camping area for the locals. And if you love conspiracy theories, then Bosnia’s Pyramid of the Sun will take hold of you like nothing else.

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