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Chad Travel Insurance


Chad is a Central African landlocked nation. Long conflicts have ensured that traveling here is meant mostly for those who have experienced Africa’s broken down infrastructure and bureaucracy before. While nations like Gambia and Ghana are considered for an apt African introduction, Chad mostly remains a sought-after destination for seasoned African visitors. The official languages spoken here are Arabic and French. N’Djamena is the capital city of Chad, situated about 1,600 km from Africa’s western coast.

While the summers here can be intense, Chad is not always so harsh on tourists. Its northern deserts offer scenic oases. In Chad’s famous national park, you can experience teeming wildlife from close quarters. And then there is the mesmerizing boat ride on the blue waters of Lake Chad. Zakouma National Park draws a large number of guests each year. Among its diverse wildlife are birds, antelopes, elephants, lions, monkeys, wilde beasts, and giraffes. Watch as these wildlife rivals assemble near a watering hole — that’s where the action begins! While rains are not the best time to be here, one can plan a visit around March and April. While Lake Chad is facing tremendous climatic consequences, it can still be experienced near the city of Bol. Take a boat ride on the lake to come across a vast variety of birds or rare sightings of hippos.

The desert of Ennedi is a unique experience in Chad. In this barren and parched landscape, you will discover ancient cave paintings, rock formations, canyons, and sand dunes. Once the place where the Saharan lion roared, you can still catch glimpses of the famous Nile crocodile.
To inquire about visa or passport regulations, contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Chad. Indians who wish to travel to Chad can apply for visa at the Chadian Consulate in New Delhi.

Along with fixing tickets and accommodations, buying travel insurance for Chad should be one of your primary decisions before undertaking a trip overseas. Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Chad provides you cover against unforeseen issues pertaining to health, travel, personal (legal) liability, personal accident, and home insurance during your overseas stay.
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