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Cyprus Travel Insurance


Some nations mesmerize with their natural beauty, others with their architecture. Cyprus, in Europe, is one country which offers both, along with the friendliest people you will ever come across in your life. A beautiful nation, it is steeped in history and mythology, being the birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite as well as host to diverse cultures such as that of Mycenaean Greeks, Persians and Ottoman pashas.
Cyprus is alsofamous for its brilliant beaches and resorts which remain a prime attraction for many tourists. It isparadise for water-sports enthusiasts as every activity such as scuba diving and kitesurfing, is made available. You can follow that up with sports such as biking and hiking as well.

Being absolutely amazing for all adventure lovers, this country doesn't fall back when it comes to architectural splendors, either. Check out Salamis, the country's most treasured archeological site. Most of the ruins you would see see here would be Roman or Byzantine. The Roman amphitheater, the beautiful mosaics, as well as the gymnasium with marble baths, are truly sights to behold. If you enjoy these, make your way to Nicosia, the country's capital. Graced with beautiful churches and mosques, it also houses the Archbishop's Palace.

A Cyprus tourist visa is required for Indian citizens intending to visit this country. The Cyprus Embassy in Indiais situated at New Delhi. Having decided on this destination, make sure you also check out Royal Sundaram travel insurance for Cyprus. Find affordable and comprehensive travel insurance for Cyprus, devised specifically to make sure you thoroughly enjoy your entire trip and stay, and remain prepared to deal with any unforeseen incidents.
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